How Old Must You Be For Tubal Tie

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Blair - June 3

I am 19yrs old female wanting my tubes tied.... I am with someone who has two already and doesn't want anymore.. Is there anyway or anywhere I can have this done??


Pert - June 5

Do you live near a medical college? Sometimes they are looking for patients to practice on and they'll do it for free and not ask a lot of questions cause there desparate to get people.


Jbear - June 5

I don't know if they'll do it if you haven't had a baby before. Also, are you sure you'd want to? If the man you're with doesn't want any more children, why doesn't he get a vasectomy? It's an outpatient procedure for the man and much simpler than the procedure for a woman. Also, I'm sure right now you're sure your relationship will last forever, but what if you split up in a few years, meet the man of your dreams, and his greatest desire in the world is to have a child with you. Then you'd have to spend a lot of money trying to get your tubes untied, which doesn't always work.


judy - June 5

you can have it done but under a certain age they will require you to go through a psych eval. It's nuts but my cousin had it done 2 years sgo and te doc put her through hell for wanting to do it.


-m - June 5

I have a friend who had a baby in a Florida hospital. She was 19 years old at the time and requested that she have her tubes tied after giving birth. They told her they do not preform the procedure unless you have 2 children already or are 28 years or older.


absynthe - July 2

depends on the state you live in, if you have kids already, if you are married it does sometimes require your husbands signature in some states


WOW - July 7

absynthe which state do you live in? So I will be sure to avoid it. Is it in the south?


randi - July 23

21 with 2 kids in georgia


Julie - July 25

I think it depends where you live. I think you should think about this seriously. Why doesn't the man your with have a vasectomy? It is a much easier in/out patient surgery. If he doesn't want any more than he should take care of it. You are still so young what if you decide years to come you want a baby of your own?


Hello - August 1

Although I agree with Julie, tubal ligations are reverseable.



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