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hunnie - July 8

i have an important question for use guys/girls i know its not a bout pregnancy but i take showers and i wash my va___a good but it still stincks and im not confortable when me and my boyfriend has s_x so if u could tell me how to tak ethis smell away plz tell me cuz i dont wanna ask my mom cuz its kinda embarrassing but than u for ur time hunnie


carla - June 30

Well you should consult your doctor with your problem, it might be a sign of efection, especially if you have it with discharge and itching. But every women has a mild natural smell to their v____a area. Their are certain feminine washing that you can buy at stores to help you feel fresh. Summer Breeze is a good brand.


Jen - July 8

Sorry but if you can't talk to your mother about your personal, non-s_x related hygiene, you probably shouldn't be having s_x. Your manner of speach indicated to me your are quite young. Even if you use condoms or other methods of birth control, nothing is 100% effective. You should be comfortable and knowledgable enough with your body, how it works, and s_x in general before you have s_x. I hate to sound like I'm telling you what to do but if you are not carefull, you will end up with a baby your not ready for.


Dez - September 23

I would get checked by the doctor if i were you, especially if your having s_x, It should be a routine thing for you to do anywayz


WhatTheHell? - October 1

Ok, Douching only makes it worse. Your v____a , no matter what you do will have a certain smell. Not neccessarily "Stinky" but musky. Perfumes and deoderants only will irritate your skin and make your v____a work even harder to make secreetions to "Wash itself out". Also, do you wipe very well when you go pee? It is surprising that most of the population only wipes once and not even up front where they need it most.


Rani - November 23

There are ways to find out why you are smelling without telling your mom. you could have a friend or other family member take you to the glynocologist, or to the clinic your information there is always confidential!



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