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me - November 12

I am also worried about that too.. My period was on Sep. 13th... but I've been known to go 2-3 months without one. I've had a few others times where I thought that I was but this time is diff.. I've got the swollen nipples with brown rings around them, decreased s_x drive, urinateing alot, diarre (sorry not sure how to spell that) the itches, mood swings and alll. My birthday was Nov. 3rd and we did alittle partying.. drinking, smoking and I think that someone slipped me something.. I know it was there (LSD). anyways. since I started getting these symptoms I stopped everything.. Would the partying on my b-day hurt my baby if I am pregnant. I am trying not to stress out or worry about but I can't help it. can anyone help me please.. I normally don't even do anything at all but it was my 21 party so I thought that I would go out drinking.


me - November 12

Ok thanks you guys!! How come no1 will give me advice.? I am so scared!


karina - December 4

it sounds probable that you could be pregnant, youve got alot of symptons. the drinking and smoking wont help if you are pregnant, and hopefully wont effect the fetus that early on if you are, the most important thing is that youve decided to stop for the babys sake in case you are, and since you said you dont normally do drugs, that means there wasnt an insane amount in your system to harm your baby with. check with a doctor to be sure! hope that helped a little or if you jus need someone to talk to you can im me @ hndmadentheshade on aim. good luck!!


Jenn - December 4

I don't know if you are pregnant, but I would suggest staying away from all alcohol and drugs until you find out for sure (and even if you aren't... it isn't good for you anyway). You also need to be honest with your doctors about everything, so they can be on the lookout for any problems. My parents adopted a bunch of kids, and several of them ended up being diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because their mothers drank a lot during pregnancy (and there was also some drug use). These kids have varying degrees of mental retardation, and in general, a LOT of problems from the alcohol. Now, I'm not trying to scare you... just realize that you have to stay away from it all while pregnant. I had one drink before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and she is just fine. I hope everything turns out okay for you!



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