I Am Scared Pls Help

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Suemb - September 30

Hullo, I am a new person here with a hope of getting some help. I met my boyfriend in July 2004 and started a relationship as friends on 2nd August it became more than friendship, I am now 3 weeks pregnant, Do you think its too soon, I have met his parents informally and he has mine informally, Do you think he will break up with me coz this happened too soon??? I need some advice, Please


Jane - October 11

I would try talking to him and see. It is always a possibilty that this early on in the realtionship, it may not last.


Leisha - October 16

I had a roomate in college who's parents got married days after their first meeting, my roomate was born 9 months later. Most people will probably tell you that it's too soon, but it's not their life. It's yours, his, and now your child's. Don't let anyone talk you into or out of doing whatever is best for you and your baby. Maybe your relationship with him won't last, but maybe you'll be together forever. The important thing is that you take care of yourself and hopefully he will have a lasting and loving relationship with his child.


E - October 16

My husbands parents fell in love and married within 1 month. They have the most beautiful marriage and have been together for 40 years. Whether or not you and your boyfriend work out is not based on time but weighs heavily on the respect and admiration that you have for each other. Ironically, only time will tell. I hope he does not leave you as you will need him more than ever. Keep us updated and tell him soon:) XOXO


E - October 16

Also, if he does break up with you and you decide to keep your baby, make sure the grandparents can decide for themeselves whether they want to be a part of this child's life. Tell them personally, don't wait for your (ex)boyfriend to do so. Family is so important and they may be a source of support for you.


Suemb - October 17

Thanks alot Leisha and E, my boyfriend says we should move in together and would like me to meet his parents and rest of the family at xma__s time and later he can meet mine formally, he has promised to love me always and he seems to be excited about the baby. I really need you prayers, I am hopeful it will work out. thanks again for your support


E - October 17

YEAH!! Great news!


Vivi - October 30

Look, do not think about the relationship right now, think about you. Do you want a baby? I gave one up when I was 24 because of a similar situation to yours, now I am 36 yrs old and long to have a baby. Nedless to say, I regret my decision of not having one when the opportunity knocked.


keila - November 5

well, if this guy really likes you then he wouldn't break up with you. but it all depends on what kind of a guy he really is...i have a friend that was in the same situation as you and she's been with her boyfriend for almost 5 years now so dont worry it might be able to work..



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