I Just Dont Understand Please Help

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tinkerbell123 - July 14

I just wanted to say thank goodness for forums like this! I have found so many of your threads useful & you all seem so kind and thoughtful. After weeks of reading some of the topics here I have finally plucked up the courage to ask you all something.... We have just recently decided to try for a baby (last 2 months) and within this time I have noticed these crampy sensations to my stomach 5-6 days post ovulation. Last month twingy type feelings but this month more crampy. O'd 9th July, cramps began 14th, period due 23rd. I have never ever noticed these symptoms before and just do not know what is going on? Im not sure if im just being over sensitive to early pregnancy symptoms or what... Any suggestions ladies and i would be most grateful. Thank you all in advance. :o)


krnj - July 14

Hi there! Do you have any spotting at all? I had implantation cramping & spotting when I was prego & that's what it sounds like it could be to me. Try First Response pregenancy tests, they are great! You can test 4 days before your period. Best of luck to you!! Let me know! :)


krnj - July 14

Sorry I meant to say before your period is due... :)


Tammy276 - July 14

Sounds like we are in the same boat!! I should be due for AF around the same day as you...I O'd on the 8th!! Weird, I have had the same twingy/pinchy/crampy feeling too, since like yesterday! Don't know what it is, but I am feeling it too! Maybe we are feeling implantation cramping or something!! You'll have to keep us posted!!


tinkerbell123 - July 15

thank you all for your replies. Tammy, its great to know someone else is in the same boat as me.... its just so weird, ive never felt this before. The feeling is like ive over done it exercising!!! whats it like with you? I dont know if im just being overly sensitive to all the different symptoms you can get or what. I also find it hard to believe that we may be feeling these already! you o'd on the 8th and i did on the 9th.... please keep me posted.


Olivene - July 15

Hi, Tinkerbell. I was just looking back over my calendar. I wrote down "headache and slight ab pain" about 5 days after ovulation in November, and I did turn out to be pregnant. I'm 36 1/2 weeks now. Good luck!



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