I Just Found Out I M Pregnant

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mams - December 28

how high are the risks for my unborn child? i just found out i am pregnant. a few weeks ago, i did some recreational drugs, not much, but now i am scared, because i justfound out


Carrie - January 19

go to the doctor and ask him what he thinks. u should be able to get an ultrasound in a few more weeks, then u can find out if things r normal.


Sheena - January 19

Everything will be fine dont worry to much.What kind of drugs did you do?


livdea - January 19

I'll be honest. I didn't find out I was pregnant until a good six weeks had gone by...in those six weeks I was on a much needed vacation. I lived on an island so i took some time off for myself and then my parents came out so I took some more time off to spend with them. The night I conceived, I did coke, my first and last experience with that. (None of this was with my parents by the way :) )While on vaca I smoked a ton and I mean a TON of weed and then on Halloween I did excasty, a few tabs. I don't need to hear any thing from any ladies...I know I know! Nonetheless, I was on vaca and having a blast, so when I found out I was pregnant, I FREAKED. Called every where did all sorts of research and pretty much found out that as long as I quit right then, my baby was probably fine. Dr. said the cocaine probably didn't do any damage because it was the night of conception and I had only done it one time and not very much. The weed isn't good cause it can cause develop problems later in life and the excasty was really not good..same effects as cocaine...not good. But he a__sured me that since it was done so early and I quit right away and it was (other then the weed) a one time thing that the baby should be fine. So far everything is going great, heartbeat is good, u/s looks good...I'll find out more in 4 weeks! I'm currantly 15 weeks and not as concerned any more. Talk to your dr though and tell him what you did and how much. My Dr. gave me a number to call and talk to people who have done the nitty gritty research for what drugs affect the baby and all that, it was helpfull...if I can find it I'll post it up here for you. Good luck and try not to stress!



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