I Lied To My Bf

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stupid girl - September 6

I lied and said i was pregnant. We had just broke up and had been having s_x unprotected. Now Im scared to tell him I was lying as I know he believed me and is freaking out. :`(


**** - September 24

You should've thought about that b/f you lied. You really have no choice, but to fess up. It will become obvious very soon. If the relationship is over, believe me a baby isn't going to fix it.


47 - September 30

I totally agree with "****"


hmmm - October 1

it's up to you. You can tell him you lied and take the heat for it. Or you could take the easy way out and say you got a false positive result, you must have tested too early. Then you can be relaxed as he knows you're not pg and that's that. Just read up on false positives before you do that as they aren't very common but do happen. More so in cheaper HPT kits so say you used one of them. I wouldn't blame you if you do this. You've already lied, you know the relationship is ultimately over so lying to save face would be quicker and cause you a lot less pain plus it is a thing that does happen. Count yourself lucky you didn't get pg and be more careful next time. (i'm not saying lying is okay I'm just offering another suggestion as you clearly don't want the humiliation of telling him the truth.) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Daile - October 11

You shouldn't have lied in the first place, but if you really don't want to confess, then hmmm's suggestion is a good one. If you don't think he would believe that you took a test (because of lack of money, transportation, etc.), then saying you had a miscarriage is also possible. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage within the first few weeks, which is why an ob/gyn generally will not make an appointment for a pregnant woman unless she has already missed two periods.


qtip - October 11

Why don't you wait to see if you really are pregnant since you have been having unprotected s_x. Maybe you will get your wish, sadly. I have some news for you, men don't just "come around" when a girlfriend is pregnant if their heart wasn't in the relationship in the first place.


Lo - November 4

Just tell him you miscarried or that you had an abortion. If he's a jerk and you want to make him feel like less of a man, tell him you had an abortion because you don't want to carry his child, that he's not worth it. But only do that one if he deserves it, because it's mean. Or, you could just fess up.



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