I M 8 Months Pregnant Is It O K To Bleach My Hair

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Kp - July 19

Is it O.K.to dyeor bleach my hair, while being 8 months pregnant?


Lisa - July 19

I also contacted Motherisk at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and they indicated that it was not harmful, but could make you feel sick because of the fumes. So they reccommended to do it in a well ventilated area and have someone help you. Be prepared for it to make you feel really ill because of the smell.


Jessa - September 16

I have bleached my hair throughout my whole life and have not hesitated to continue through the duration of my pregnancy. I have not noticed any differences in the way it affects me.


Anna - September 30

no its not ok to bleach your hair while you are pregnant, i know becouse im a hairdresser in training


Da__ska - November 2

Simple logic can tell you that using such chemicals on your hair..thus it transfering through to the skin and through your bloodstream, it is likely it is not healthy for your unborn child. Everything you eat and put on your skin, from perfumes to deoderants etc go straight through to your baby.


Marion - November 18

As a hairdresser for the last 20 yrs,, I have heard yes and no to colouring or bleaching your hair,, when I was pregnant the first time and now in my second pregnancy,, I didnt colour my hair... we now hear that bladder cancer is linked to colouring hair using dark colours,, we were always told that the colour only penetrates the shaft and does not penetrate the scalp,, well what I get from this is,,just hilight,, dont let the colour touch your skin,, highlighting is a safer way... they dont have all the facts on hair colouring because there isnt enough money out there for research...


amanda - December 9

no because you are breathing in the fumes wich are bad for youre baby, just like a cigarette!!


becs - January 6

Try doing bleach foils the chemical does not touchyour scalp so it won't affect your baby. After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy using haircolor in a well ventilated space is ok. bleach to try...Paul mitchel The Bleach it is gentle and smells of sandalwood.


lill - January 28

gurl cant u wait till u have the baby its only 1month left geez its not that good for the baby


lauren - February 2



Dixie Normis - February 2



Rachelle - February 23

I was told it is ok.Just open all doors and window's in your home..Make sure there is plenty air flowing through!!


Scarlet - March 1

"Over the years, people have conducted animal studies trying to shed light on this matter. Some, but not all, studies have shown a few of the chemical compounds in hair dyes to be teratogenic (meaning they can cause birth defects). However, in many cases, the animals were exposed to extremely high doses of these chemicals, doses that far exceed the amount a woman would receive from coloring her hair every month or two. Clearly, the chemicals in both permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic. However, no one knows for sure whether low-level exposures are risky." You can read the rest of the article at http://www.babycenter.com/expert/pregnancy/pregnancybeauty/3273.html


Michelle - March 3

Most things u do to ur hair are safe but will cause u to feel sick because of the smell (i just had my hair permed being 8 months pregnant so i know :)


natalia - March 9

yes...if you do it once a month...and try to wear a mask and gloves while dying or bleaching your hair. the hair dye will penetrate the epidermal layer of your skin...but chances of it getting into your blood stream are slim...your baby only gets chemicals transmitted to him/her via artery and veins in the ubilical cord....smoking reduces the amount of oxygen circulating through your body...thus reducing your babys oxygen levels...also try to be in a well venilated room while doing the dye job...


tasha gross - March 14

i am9 months pregnit and i want to get a perm but my mom says no becouse it gave my cousin a hart problim im 16 and dont know what i should do please help


sammy - March 22

is it safe to have s_x a little over 8 months pregnant?



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