I Need A Boy Child

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harb - August 25

i want a boy child what step shall i follow in all aspect to have a boy child surely


amber - July 1

pray at the alter of boy children. Other than that, it's just a big milkshake, so good luck.


Jen - July 8

If you really care that much, talk to your doctor there are medical ways too have the "correct" s_x baby such as invetro fertilization. If you want to have a "natural" conception however, there is no real way to do it.


Lisa - July 19

Gender is determined by the sperm. Apparently boy sperm are quick swimmers but don't survive long, while girl sperm are survivors. The gender is determined by the type of mucous in your v____a when you have s_x. If it is thick, chances are the girl sperm will win out, if it is thin, the boy. That was explained to me by a s_xual health nurse. I don't know how to manipulate the mucous though...just that this is one of the biggest defining factors.


Sandy - August 23

I think the viscosity of your v____al mucous varies depending on where you are in your cycle. So, depending on what you'd like to try to conceive, you should keep up with your cycles closely and monitor your personal "thickness" and act accordingly.. just a suggestion


Heather - August 25

There is only one way to have a 'for sure' boy child. In-Vitro Fertilization. They extract your eggs, fertilize them, then would take the male ones and implant them in your uterus. I hope you have $25-50 thousand dollars though, because that's how much it'll cost... even if you can find a doctor who'll do it. It's also fairly painful and requires a lot of shots. Usually this procedure is reserved for people who are desperate to have a child, period. My advice is to get real and be happy with a healthy baby, no matter what gender he or she turns out to be.


Badsha Ahmed - September 27

I want to baby care work.


nae - November 26

if you want a boy child and your not pregnant yet go to the chinese Lunar Calendar...it worked for me and all of my family and friends...Good luck tho


Bob - December 14

I think its possible by chromosome seperation therapy of your partner


healthy child first! - December 20

well there is no sure way unless you have invitro but you can certainly try to make your chances higher if you have s_x on the days you are ovulating (the day before, the day of and the day after only). this ensures the y chromosome sperm (boy) get to the egg faster than the x (girl). girls live longer and can thrive during your fertile period longer than boys. you want to ensure the boys make it quicker by giving them the chance while the egg is ready. in addition, i have read that doggy style gives them a head start rather than missionary style. the acidity is in your v____a is what helps the x chromosome thrive (not he mucus consistency as others have mentioned). so eating salty foods creates this saline environment more efficiently. hope this helps. i would hope for a healthy child first, i lost my daughter at 4 months. (was hoping for a boy too). next pregancy will be different. i have a new outlook...



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