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babyonboard16 - February 9

Okay basically I'm really frustrated. I'm an overweight person, and when they weighed me, one of the nurses looked at my boyfriend and said girlfriend gained some weight huh? Not only last time she said Christmas must have been good to you, which I will admit, the appointment after Christmas I had gained a little more than I should have, but I did pretty well this time. Anyways I had my GD test that day as well, and my boyfriend PRETENDED to take a drink of the drink, he didn't take one, the nurse practioner came in demanding to know how much he drank of it and threatende to kick him. I have had many other troubles with my doctor's office but I really don't want to switch this late in my pregnancy. On the other hand I want to do a home birth but I've had some complications earlier in my pregnancy, that would make that dangerous. I DO NOT know what to do. As any of you know, being picked on while pregnant is never a nice thing to happen, and I didn't need to hear it. Just tell me what you would do please, and help would be wonderful


BiancaM - February 9

I would get a new doctor or complain about her to someone. Being picked on pregnant or not is bad. And now you are super sensitive and she shouldn't mock you because you've gained weight. Everyone is different. Some women gain a lot and others don't. I wouldn't take this from anyone if you have a choice. Tell her when she says something again to please not mock you because you don't appreciate it. Well I hope things work out for you. Good luck.


moescrilla - February 11

Exactly...tell her she's out of line by talking to you that way. I completely understand the weight thing. I lost 70 pounds in total after having my first child (I dieted) and I gained 30 of it back before I got pregnant again. Now, Its more like 40, and I'm really stressing over it. I dont want to gain it all back, it was hard getting it off!!! So If I had a nurse talking to me like that I'd probably start crying. Maybe you could start crying, that always makes people feel bad!! lol.. You just need to tell her to stop, and if she says something to you again complain to the clinic or the hospital board or however that works where you are.


sososleepy - March 3

Before or after I smacked the nurse.... Ok, perhaps just dropped my purse on her foot (after putting my rock collection in it...). Seriously, I'd switch doctors fast; there's no reason to put up with that and no reason to expect it to change, and no reason to expect them to treat you kindly if you complain about it. Get someone else.


lawlady72 - March 5

If you like the Doctor and want to continue using this particular obgyn then tell him/her about the terrible way the nurses are treating you. If nothing happens then I would suggest switching. You DO NOT have to take that abuse from ANYONE. She would've gotten an earful from me by now and been reported for it.


MrsShelton217 - March 5

If you like your doctor, and its just the nurses you are having problems with then I would speak w/ your doctor WHILE YOUR NURSE IS THERE. That way she will hear everything that is said. And you know that it will be dealt with right there, and not just b__wn off. If something doesn't change then I would not only change clinics (no matter how far along u are) but also report them to the better business bureau.



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