I Want A Baby But In College

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snowbyrd - August 12

I am 24 yrs & my husband is 26yrs we have been married for 6 months, living together for 7 yrs. I am going to college for a nursing degree & will be done in 3 yrs and he is going for aviation maintence & will also be done in 3 yrs. I am ready to have a baby now, but he wants to wait until we are out of college. I know most people would agree with him, but I want to know if it is unrealistic for me to want to try for one now? Alittle on my situation, we own a large house, have health insurance, both have stable jobs- work full time in summer/part time during school, full time students ( 13-18hours week), strong relationship, and 30k saved up. We talk about having a baby all the time, I know how he feels & he knows how I feel, but I feel now is the right time, but I do not know anyone who has intentinally gotten pregnany while in college, so I need some advice! THANKS!


melip82 - October 6

Are you aspiring to be a nurse? Let me give you some insight. My best friend went through the nursing program and it is the most demanding program you can ever get yourself into. Having a baby right in the midst of it will be chaos. You will be dealing with constant studying, clinicals, and tests. The pressure is immense to pa__s EACH test. She always had her head in a book and basically did not have a life for 4 years. (from her general education to completing the nursing program). However, this is what she did. She got pregnant in the last part of her nursing program. Granted she was very driven and was able to keep on going. She had her baby right at the end of the program....and three days after delivering...went to school to take her final. That girl was nuts. If you want the challenge and pressure of a baby during school...then by all means go for it. I think you should wait close to your graduation. Good luck!


scsm - October 13

I was in university when I got pregnant with my son. It wasn't planned, but I was in a stable relationship, so not devastating. I went back when he was 7 months old to finish what I had started. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I missed exams due to ear infections, stayed up all night before midterms with a sick baby, wrote 40 page papers with a teething baby chewing on my leg. Don't do it now. Just wait. You're still young, and have plenty of time. It was so much better when I had my daughter AFTER I graduated and had a full time job that I got mat leave from. TRUST me on this, just finish and you won't regret it one bit.



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