Im 15 And I Want To Be Pregnant

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number1victim - July 11

I know its probably not a good thing but I want it so bad its killing me! Please talk me out of it.


Jessica55 - August 4

Well not to be rude here but why in the world at 15 years old would you even think of trying to get pregnant?? & why would u come to this site wanting us to talk you out of it? Sounds like you need to talk to your parents about this or a counsler from school. For a CHILD as yourself thinking of wanting a baby needs to seek help. Thats just not normal. A baby having a baby makes me sick and you CANNOT raise the child on your own and would not benifit at all from it. GET HELP


ashvictoria - August 10

Your obviously not thinking about the baby. Seriously at 15 are you even capable of raising a child. Answer these questions for me: How will you pay for the baby? Because you can run to mommy and daddy, they will not support your decision especially at 15. What will you do if your baby has a birth defect? A mental illness, you think you can raise a mentally retarded kid at 15? Where will you live? WHat kind of job, who will baby sit for you while your at this job? Seriously, why would you put a child through a c___ppy life because your ignorant at 15 and want a baby. You shouldnt even be on this site, especially wanting to be talked out of having a baby! You shouldn't even be thinking about babies or s_x yet! Grow up first sweetie! I know alot of good teen mommies but not at the age of 15, their 17 & 18 and much older!


Macy - August 29

I'm 29, but I still remember how I felt at 15. I wanted so badly to be loved, to have a husband that loves me and a baby to adore. It all comes in time, but better to give it a few years and give yourself time to mature into the lovely young woman you could become and then be the mother your baby deserves. You owe that much to yourself, your baby and the baby's father. Don't destroy everything now by being hasty, pregnancy and mohterhood can be so fulfilling when you are emotionally and physically mature enough to handle it. You also need to consider financial issues, you need to take care of this baby by yourself, it is not fair to expect family members to do so on your behalf. Be a teenager, date, decide on a future, a career, find a loving partner who will be there for your through good and difficult times, and only then start a family. It will be worth the wait. I hope you make the right decision, good luck girl!


melip82 - October 6

You should watch that TV series about Teen mothers on MTV. It will give you major insight into all the challenges these teenagers have been facing. They have been struggling with issues such as partying with friends, finishing school, working to support the baby, bills, the fathers not being around, their future, depression and mood swings, family arguments and criticism. It isn't a cake walk, that is for sure. It is extremely hard for these girls and it is expressed in their thoughts, actions, and concerns. They are stressed and worried all of the time. Don't voluntarily choose this lifestyle. Wait until you are emotionally and financially ready!


lovechild318 - October 21

I’d actually like to address this a couple of different ways: First and for most, I’d like to be the one to tell you that just because you want something doesn’t mean that it’s what you need!. You should really think about that because something you may want to do right now could, can, and will change your entire future. I am 16 years old and I haven’t gotten things confirmed but I’m absolutely positive that I’m pregnant and I can tell you that it’s NOT what you think it is. From a child’s perspective I should tell you that, I’ve struggled my whole life; Not having a stable father figure in my life, being raised in a single parent home, watching my mom go through the complete hell she went through just to barely keep our heads above water was such a challenge. I never truly felt like I was loved by anybody. I didn’t feel like I had anybody there for me and I thought having a baby would change that….. But it didn’t. It’s making things harder than I could’ve even imagined. I never would’ve dreamed that I’d be sitting where I am at this moment. (Pregnant, alone, and scared) The fact that you are so young will make things even harder. My mom was 26 years old when she had me. She had her high school diploma, and was about to finish college but didn’t get a chance to, because of me. Its 16 years later and things are still as hard as they use to be! My mom and I still, to this day, struggle trying to figure out how the rent is going to get paid and how we’re going to get food for the week. We live in a one bedroom apartment… I’m pregnant and I have to sleep on the floor. I have no money for a car seat or baby clothes, or diapers or wipes or a crib or any of that stuff. If you think once this “infant” stage is over, it gets easier, you are very wrong. If you think this is no big deal you are wrong… Having a baby will forever change your life as a child!!!! Now from a “soon to be mom” point of view I think this decision is highly irresponsible, selfish and irrational… It may seem like I’m being hypocritical but I say this stuff only because I didn’t know then what I know now. Being pregnant will change you, but being only 16 and pregnant will open your eyes to some things I can guarantee you’re not prepared for. You are not mature enough to handle all the responsibility that comes along with bringing another human being in to the world. If someone else wakes you up on time for school every morning, you’re not ready. If you have to be constantly told to make your own bed, you’re not ready. If you can’t even remember to do your homework or something as simple as washing dishes, then you are NOT ready to have a baby. You are 15 years old which means I know for a fact (since I’m not much older than you) that you haven’t even begun to think about how much responsibility, maturity, patience, and support this takes… If you can’t even take care of yourself it would be ridiculous for you to think that you could take care of another person as well. When you’re having a baby, what you want for yourself, doesn’t matter anymore because, your life isn’t about JUST you anymore… I’m telling you because I know. I finally understand why my mom took the time to tell me this stuff. I’ve already made the choice you’re thinking about making, so I’m telling you from experience. I’m sure you’ve heard this little “speech” a million times, a million different ways but, people aren’t just telling you these things for no reason. Take a second and legitimately think about the life you want for you child…. And now ask yourself if you’d honestly be able to give them all of that, right now, at this point in your life. Having a baby sounds great right now but I’d encourage you to think beyond what only instantly gratifies you. I hope you’ll take caution in what I’m telling you. Be blessed, you are in my prayers. -Christen


number1victim - November 10

I decided to wait. Thanks you guys :)


Milena - February 11

I totally agree with all the comments. At 16 life is just beginning! It's time to enjoy life, to live for yourself, to meet with friends, it's the time of the first love ) It was with me so and i truly wish you the same. Don't spoil your life, think of it



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