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im_danielle_hi - May 14

i was wondering of anyone can help i am on cd 23 and 8 days past ovualtion and today just noticed some bleeding on my underwear and was just wondering what this means not due my af till 22nd may anoyne who can help is much appreciated thank you


Tammy276 - May 14

It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding. Implantation can occur anywhere from 6 - 12 dpo. I had implantation bleeding with my son, and all it was was spotting a little bit for a day or two when I went to the bathroom, and a little spotting in my underwear. So if you are looking to get preggers, it could be a good thing. Wait a week and take a test :)


im_danielle_hi - May 15

i have noitced today that its not like spotting but theres a good bit there when i wipe i think it might me my period but its to early for that


Tammy276 - May 15

Maybe you ovulated earlier than you thought. just keep an eye on it and see how it goes. If you start to really bleed, then it is probably your period starting. If it is just spotting when you wipe or even a little in your undies then it may still be implantation. If you are concerned about it, take a test in a week or so to find out for sure. Sometimes your ovaries bleed when you ovulate, so it could be that also. You just never know.


kellyanne_2006 - May 16

i know this sounds horrible but please dont judge me. Here goes i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and i had s_x with my ex on the 28th April 2006 and then got bk with my boyfirend the day after ( we sorted out or differences and we still love each other very much) so we had make-up s_x on the 29th and then on the 1st May 2nd 3rd and the 5th i know i ovulated on the 5th and i was wondering if it is possilble that the babys father is my ex's could his sperm be still alvive if i ovulated a week after we had s_x its just that i am going crazy @ the moment i have got implantation bleeding and i think im pregnant we i need some advice on what to do whats your opinion. i think like ending it all cos i am so depressed i really want this baby to be my boyfriends and i know there is a bigger chance it is his but i will always question it .


nicole33 - May 26

To: im_danielle_hi, just wondering how things went for you. I am in the same boat as the question you posed. I am 10 days past ovulation and 2 days before, what I believe will be, a missed period. We are trying and I think I am pregnant (b___st tenderness and headaches). This morning had some bright red blood on the TP and a little in the bowl. From there it turned to brown and was much much less. No cramps. Since this is the first time around for us got a little panicky. Is this implantation bleeding? Early signs of a miscarriage? If you or any of the other ladies out there has any advice I would be very grateful. Thanks!


Tammy276 - May 27

Though I would help a little bit. There are no early signs of miscarriage. It just happens. I had a m/c in January, and there were no warning signs. It just happened, like I was getting my period. Just keep an eye on it, and if it is a m/c, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. I know, that sounds harsh, but thats just Gods way of telling you that something isn't right. Good luck to you. Let us know how things turn out in the end!!


nicole33 - May 27

Tammy - thanks so much for the info. Not too harsh, I think you are truthful which is a good thing. Things have gone downhill since last night, I am now cramping like crazy and lots of red blood in the bowl (sorry hope not too much information). My b___st tenderness is fading quickly. I am going to the ER to get checked out. I have AB- blood, so will need a special shot if in fact a miscarriage. Will let you know how things turn out. Thanks again.


nicole33 - May 27

Sadly, these symptoms did lead to a miscarriage for me. By the time we got to the ER my HCG was very low (hence the loss of b___st tenderness). Hopefully things will continue to carry through naturally and no D&C will be needed. Still curious to know how Danielle is doing.


Tammy276 - May 28

Sorry to hear that things didn't work out for you. Just know that there are many of us out there whom have gone through the same thing, so don't feel like you're alone. It may be hard at first, but it will get easier. You just have to hope for the best the next time around. Just be thankful that if happened early, and not four or five months down the road. My cousin had a still born, and it took her a long time to recover emotionally from it. Good luck to you. Hubby and I are trying to conceive again this month, I should be ovulating in the next couple of days. Hope everything works out for us!! Good luck to you in the future.


Liezel - June 1

hi just thought i would let you know that i read on another board that "im_danielle_hi " posted back on may 16 that she was not pregnant.



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