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Mary - March 16

I know this is dumb.. but what exactly does the bleeding look like.. I started out very light pink.. now its more like a burnt red.. been that way alll day.. Like since 11:30 this morn.. so that abt 12 hrs now.. period was supposed to start yest.. it started with the pink thin today... I have used the equivilent of maybe 2 pads in this 12 hr period.. no cramps, bloating.. nothing.. someone PLEASE tell me what u think.. and maybe your experiences.. thank u


Julie - April 1

i know this was a while back but i need this answered also i think i may have had implanation bleeding but not sure. has anybody had an actual light period which was not usual for them and ended up being pregnant?


B - April 1



Foxy - April 2

I had a light bleed and a__sumed I wasn't pregnant but it only lasted for a day. So after a week and a half of no bleeding at all I bought a test and it was positive. The bleeding I had on that day wasn't heavy, though it was bright red as I recall. I didn't have any cramping but my b___bs were already sore and have stayed sore ever since. It's NOT a dumb question by the way. There isn't enough information about this or any other part of pregnancy. You can guarantee there'll be people out there who are glad you asked this question because they thought it was dumb to ask themselves. :-) That's what this site is all about.


Christine - April 4

Started trying this month. Was 5 dyas past normal start date (24-25 days) and have same issue. Calld doctor and no idea what is "normal" for implantation bleeding. Wish someone could help clear this up, too! Hang in there and let us know what happens:-) 4//4/05.


Krystal - April 14

I'm in the same boat!


Mary - April 14

I cant believe someone actually ans me.. I am doin the same thing again this month.. cept its been over 12 hrs since "af" supposed.. and 1 pad all day.. god this is making me nuts


Amy - April 17

I need some help because I feel pregnant, have been feeling a little nausea, frequent urination, bloating, nipples seem darker, etc. for the past couple of weeks. But, on Tuesday I started light spotting -- pinkish, some brown. I am on the pill so always have very regular periods that always are very heavy starting on Wednesday during the fourth week. This time, it has been light spotting on and off for a few days. I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding, but when I took a test it was negative. But, I still feel all the above symptoms. . . Could I still be pregnant?


Melissa - April 18

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and never did experience implantation bleeding. Has anybody done the same?


help pls - April 20

my af was due on 18apr but started bleedin on 19 apr...its light n bright...seems to be in small amt...when i wipe, its bright red...juz wonderin if its implantation bleedin or not? cos it doesnt look like normal af..n today its 2 days long does implantation lasts?


Stacie - April 22

I'm with Amy. For the past week my b___sts have been INCREDIBLY sore, I've felt nausea and overwhelmingly tired. My af was due today, which usually starts heavy but has only been light brown. I've taken an hpt but it came out negative. I feel like I'm going insane here.


Kris - April 23

Stacie, I'm just having the same thing. I started having pinkish discharge on the 20th. on the 21st it was just a little more with brown, but never enough to get on my panty liner. So yesterday (22nd) I took a pregnancy test suspecting inplantation. I thought it was negative at first, but after about 5 minutes I looked at in the sunlight and it was a VERY light line, but definately a line. The doctor took me yesterday afternoon for bloodwork (they watch me very carefully b/c I lost one tube to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.) Any way, they got a positive too!!!! Yeah!!! Now we just have to make sure it's not another tubal. I have a son and never spotted with him, but I did spot with the tubal, but it was bright red spotting, not a pinkish discharge. Good luck everybody!!!


Amy - April 25

Stacie, I'm still experiencing the same symptoms. But, went to the doctor and the urine test was negative. Just found out today that the blood test came out negative also. . . But I still can't shake the feeling that I am pregnant. I mean, something is just off with my body. I'm having an abdominal ultrasound to rule out other possible causes on Wed. and to make sure it isn't an abnormal pregnancy and that is why the hcg levels are not being detected. . . So still playing the waiting game. Its really frustrating. If you still think you might be pregnant but get a negative on a hpt, you should talk to you doctor. Good luck!


Niki - April 26

I'm new to all of this, so any help anyone can give is appreciated! I am on a 35 day cycle and usually ovulate around day 17. This month I think I ovulated on day 19. Five days later, I am having a small amount of brown/pink bleeding, but my period should not start for another 2 weeks according to my cycle. Is it implantation bleeding or too soon to tell?


susan - May 4

I think everyone always needs to be reminded that no pregnancy is like another... Not in your own history or compared to another woman. :) I am in the midst of what I 'think' is the 3rd week of my 3rd pregnancy and I'm unsure about things myself but I know the varying things that can occur. I did not get implantation with my two pregnancies and yet with this one I believe I did. I am due for period next week and last night, 6dpo after feeling icky all day I saw a t_tch of pink on my, pardon me, TP and then half hour later there was red... Then nothing until a few minutes ago and that was a t_tch brown... I am hopeful that along with how I feel and how we were TTC that this is implantation but let me remind everyone that things can be so different and I have been afraid to ask things so many times before and that is silly... Knowing everything I know I have been online 'googling' symptoms and words just TRYING to find someone with the same EXACT experience that would prove to me that I was pregnant, but that is all just wishful thinking until either your body tells you (I think after having one baby you know some of the symptoms the next time better if you are paranoid about your body and pay close attention) and a pregnancy test... thanks for letting me in...


K - May 6

Glad you asked the question. Everyone is different. I had just the opposite of you. One quick gush and then nothing for days, yet I'm still not late! Ugh!


ahdai - May 9

The same thing is happening now. Period 1 day late. I started this morning with smears of pink. Put on a pad to observe. Two hours later. NOTHING on the pad. Then I peed and kind of 'squeezed it out'. Now it feels like period blood. I dont have heavy cramping like usual. just light funny ones.. i did take a HPT last Friday.. it expired back in 2002 and was neg. I think we are trying so hard that we deceive ourselves.... unfortunately for me, I dont think I am pregnant, as much as I want it to be...I am 34 and never been pregnant..started trying 3 months ago...



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