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ahdai - May 9

The same thing is happening now. Period 1 day late. I started this morning with smears of pink. Put on a pad to observe. Two hours later. NOTHING on the pad. Then I peed and kind of 'squeezed it out'. Now it feels like period blood. I dont have heavy cramping like usual. just light funny ones.. i did take a HPT last Friday.. it expired back in 2002 and was neg. I think we are trying so hard that we deceive ourselves.... unfortunately for me, I dont think I am pregnant, as much as I want it to be...I am 34 and never been pregnant..started trying 3 months ago...


To K - May 17

K, did u find out if ur pregnant ? the same happened to me and now i am 10 days late


Laura - May 17

I have been going through fertility tratments. I started bleeding exactly 14 days after ovulation, but its very light - only on tp when I go to the bathroom - in two days nothing has even reached the pad, and this only occurs in the morning. By noon, there is no blood. I have no idea what to think, but am extremely nervous. Does anyone think implantation can occur this late?


Lori - May 17

I am in the same boat. I have been trying to have a baby. With my first pregnancy, I got what appeared to be my period. After a couple more weeks, I did not feel right so I took a pregnancy test just to be sure. It came out negative. A week later-still feeling weird-I had a blood preg test done. Still negative. A month later, I found out I was six weeks pregnant with twins. This time, it is the same. It is exactly the time I should be getting my period, but it is so light. I am cramping though, so who knows. Does anyone know - if it happened before, can it happen again?


Mimi - May 18

I never had any bleeding. I found out I was pregnant 4 days after missing my period. I felt as if I would start, my b___st were sore and I felt crampy. Never had any blood though.


Jackie - May 19

To Laura: With my first pregnancy I had spotting right around 14 days after I ovulated and I did three pregnancy tests but they were not conclusive. When I had the blood test it came back positive. I am currently experiencing spotting again around the same time and my first pregnancy test came back negative. I am going to try again though and see. The first time I felt so period like that I could not believe it was implantation bleeding but it was!! I hope it is this time too for me and you also!


Karen - May 22

I'm having same problem. Light brown bleeding on tp, some small clots just for 3 days. ttc so hoped I was pregnant + this was implantation bleeding but test says no - could I still be? It's hard getting negatives all the time so I know how u feel. good luck xx


Jackie - May 22

Hi Mary, I dont know much about implantation bleeding other than my experiences. Mine is usually VERY light like the very start of a period but then it just stops and is usually a pink or brown. I have never had any red blood nor have I needed to use anything more than a pantyliner and that was even too much. I am sure each person has different experiences though. I just had this slight spotting on Saturday and did a test Monday that was negative. I had spotting again on Wednesday and by Friday the pregancy test was positive! But I still felt so much like I was getting my period but also had some other slight pregnancy signs too. I hope everything works out for you.


Karen - May 22

thanks Jackie. I did have or thought i had other pregnancy signs so fingers crossed - I'm going to see the doctor 2moro so hopefully they can help. I've had 2 miscarriges so it would be great if i was pregnant. Good luck to u and bump. Good to know there r others in same situation.


Jackie - May 22

Karen, I hope everything works out for you and that you are pregnant too!! Good luck at the dr.


Chevonne - May 25

Hi, I'm having the same issue! I have a daughter and never had any bleeding, ever! I am due to start 2morrow and started bleeding this morning, 1st light pink, then bright red like I cut myself or something, then a little darker. I cried thinking it is my . but now it's not bleeding. I used a pad for 5 hrs and only a drop or 2 were on it but when I wipe it is bloody. I used a tampon but I usually fill one pretty fast on the 1st day of my period. I got some heavy cramping though when I 1st started bleeding and now I'm sore but much better. Took a test and it was -, so I don't know what to think. Could it have been implantation, period, miscarriage?


k - May 26

i have a daughter that is we think is pregnant we have had 2 test done and they both say pregnant so waiting for gp to confirm this she had what i was told by a nures that she could have had implantation bleed last month i not heard of this as i never had it on my 3 pregnancys i was told to watch out by a friend as it could lead to a misscarriage can any one tell me if they went on to have a healthy baby after a implatation bleed


Jackie - May 26

K- My last pregnancy I had some implantation bleeding right around the time I was due for my period. It was very light though and a pantiliner was enough. I had a very good pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy. I am now pregnant again and had implantation bleeding on and off for 5 days this time but I am hoping for the best with this one too! I hope everything is okay with your daughter.


Veyah - May 26

Can someone pls help if you have had this happen. I had s_x exactly three days before my period and the condom broke and he ejaculated inside of me. I didn't take the morning after pill because i figured i was safe since my period was so close. I believed in the 14 day rule of ovulating 14 days before my next period so i thought i was safe. I got my period right on time and it was as normal as could be. Everything has been cool up until today. I am spotting. I have normal periods and i NEVER spot. some would probably say stress but even during my most stressful times my period is not affected. So i put on a pad thinking i am about to have a very early period but that started 5 hours ago and there hasn't been anymore bleeding. I am really confused and nervous. I would be 16 days past "conception" i know that i shouldn't have to use pantyliners or pads 18 days before my next period. If you have had a similar experience pls share. thanx!!!!


Chevonne - May 27

Hi, I'm back, any good news for anyone? I was due yesturday but started bleeding on wed...light then dark. I'm confused. I'm nauseaous and cranky...w/no appet_te yet hungry. I ate the whole house my 1st pregnancy so I'm not sure. I've bled more than a couple spots...filled maybe 1-2 tampons over 2 days but usually I have a heavy first couple days. Funny thing is it will stop for a few hours, come back, maybe only when i wipe, and then gone...I don't know what to think. I took a preg test on wed, -. Now i won't take on cuz im scared to. I didn't spot w/ my first and it could be my period. How much blood is everyone else having and how long did it last? Today is the 3rd day, but i'm still achy and I'm usually unaware of my cycle by now! Is there still a chance i might be pregnant? If so I guess I shouldn't test for another few days since HcG acc_mulates a few days after implantation right? I feel helpless.


Sarah - May 27

Hi all i have been going through some weird stuff...well to me its weird stuff...ok well this month i am currently 10 days late for my period..I have been having bad cramps like im about to start any giving minute...The cramps have been happening for over a week...along with the sore b___st...And if i squeeze my nipple i get a discharge..kinda like popping a white head..well i stopped with the nipple squeezing(HURTS).lol.well since i have stopped that it looks like all kinds of white stuff under the skin surface..little dots...i have been getting bad tiredness...but dizzy when i stand up..I have been having a clear slimy discharge along with some white sometimes...its stretchy...could i be going to take a hpt but cant get one at this moment so i thought maybe i could get some help!! please and thanx a whole bunch!



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