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VanillaBean - August 29

have you taken any more tests? it wasn't at all heavy? you could get a blood test done, or if your patient, wait until your next period since its only a few weeks away and see what happens then. I'm kind of where your at too, so there isn't much I can do to help. I'm just as lost.


mcspadden18 - August 29

Have You Had Any Symptons At All?


VanillaBean - August 30

oops, didn't mean to post twice. no, I haven't. the bleeding stopped Thursday Aug. 25th. have you had any?


mcspadden18 - August 31

I Feel Like I'm Getting The Flu. Or Maybe It's Just A Little Virus. But I'm Sleeping ALOT. But Other Than That None At All.


VanillaBean - September 1

well if you've taken another pregnancy test and its negative, your probably just sick. maybe you should go to your doctor anyway.


mcspadden18 - September 3

I Don't Feel Sick Anymore. But When I Wiped Earlier Today I Had Little Specks Of Blood Nothing Big.


VanillaBean - September 17

No, I have no idea. Did you get your period this month?


Fluff26 - September 19

Hi, Im new to this but am so glad other people seem to have the same kinda thing goin on. My monthly's is usually regular like clockwork, have been since my teens and even after having the mirena coil out it was back to the same schedule as it was before. Except this month is just weird :| Was due on 8th-9th but nothing came, took a hpt but that was negative. Had symptoms which I thought we're due to pregnancy (already have two children so know what tolook for lol) - tiredness, urinating alot more frequent, bloating, nasuea. Went to my Dr but she wouldnt do a test as I already done one so she told me to wait and see what happens next if this month still didnt come. Well, on 16th I had a little brownish discharge when I wiped, so I put on a pad as I a__sumed my period was starting. I then had a light bleed which only lasted a a few hours and wasnt constant. Have had nothing except brownish discharge since that evening but that stopped yesterday. I really dont know what to do or what to be thinkin, my head is a mess. Any advice would be much appreciated please :)


VanillaBean - September 21

Have you had unprotected s_x? It's possible it could be implantation bleeding, except you wouldn't have been having the pregnancy symptoms before that. I'm still not sure what is happening to me. I'm having another unusually light period and am no closer to an answer. I'm sorry, but I can't be of much help. I think you should contact your doctor and mention this. It could have been your body reacting to the withdrawal from the B.C, but you've been having periods since then. I'm not sure if there's still a chance that's what it could be or not, so it's best to ask. If you think your pregnant, demand they take a blood test. I can't imagine why a doctor wouldn't do that just because a home test is negative. You might also want to reconsider getting a new doctor. She/he should know that home tests aren't always accurate. Let me know what's going on. Are you trying to get pregnant?


Fluff26 - September 21

She said the procedure to test for anything serious is to wait til AF has been M.I.A for 2-3months, and was happy not to do a pregnancy test as I done two HPT's and according to her they're just the same as a hospital would use. I would love nothing more than to be pregnant but a worried that it's something else causing all the weirdness. I've never had irregular AF since they began. Think I'll do one more HPT in the morning and then go from there. Thank u :) What is going on with you if you dont mind me asking ? :)


VanillaBean - September 21

The tests done at home are urine, the doctor should do a blood test, which is more reliable. I guess it makes sense to wait another month to see if it comes, but what if you are pregnant and its an ectopic pregnancy? I don't agree with your doctor. If it's something serious you shouldn't wait. Especially if its concerning pregnancy. I seriously suggest you get a second opinion. I normally have really heavy periods and it always comes on the same day. Last month I was three days early and it was really light. I took some tests because it was a very strong possibility that I was, but they were all negative. I kept having a feeling something wasn't right but I just let it go. Yesterday I started bleeding, two days earlier than last month! Five days early and just as light as before. I don't know what it is, but I know something is wrong. I haven't really noticed any symptoms, so I can't decide what I should do. I think I'm going to test again once the bleeding stops. How long have you been going to that doctor? Do you trust her? If you think it could be serious you need to find a doctor who will take you seriously.


Fluff26 - September 21

I've been with this Dr surgery for over 3years now but dont always see the same Dr each visit, but saying that I very rarely have anything wrong with me that requires a vist. I do trust her, I just thought maybe they have these procedures in line as it most likely is nothing serious. None the-less though, I'm concerned enough to be searching the web day-in day-out for answers. I had the Mirena out 10months ago so I know it's not my body adjusting as it that almost straight away. I'm gonna take another HPT in the morning and then make an appointment with a different Dr regardless of the results as I'm 26 so I'm pretty sure I know my own body by now, and I know something isn't right. Have you been to see your Dr yet ? I think you should as it's clearly got your mind into overdrive. :)


VanillaBean - September 21

That's a good plan. If it's got you worked up enough to be looking on the internet so frequently, it's attention worth demanding from a doctor. I just re-read what you initially said. Have you looked up information about Decidual Bleeding? It's actually what I'm trying to figure out if I have or not. You could bring it up with your doctor, however I've been doing a lot of reading about it and many women say their doctors ignore it. I agree, at a certain age you should know your body better than a doctor. I hope this one will listen and actually help! I have not yet seen a doctor. I no longer have one and so I'm unsure of what to do. My mind keeps going back and forth. Right now I'm thinking I shouldn't bother because I haven't had any symptoms, that I've noticed. I'm feeling tired, and moody, but that could be due to anything. I keep waiting for a clear sign, but all I get are abnormal periods. Good luck! I hope you get the results your looking for!


Fluff26 - September 22

Thank you for bringing up Decidual Bleeding Vanillabean, as I've done quite a bit of reading about it now and that seems to describe what I have right down to a T. Some sites say it can affect HPT's too. Fingers crossed I start to get some answers. Good Luck to you too :)


VanillaBean - September 23

Yes, it can. Why, did you get another negative? I made an appointmemt with a gynecologist, so we'll see. Keep me updated on how it goes!


Fluff26 - September 23

Haven't tested again yet, kinda scared in case I get another negative as my head is already mush about all of this. Building myself up to test in the morning, and also have an appointment with a different Dr on tuesday so gonna demand a blood test be done, just hope he does. Will update you tomorrow with the HPT results. Let me know how you get on, and fingers crossed it's good outcome for you :)



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