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Fluff26 - September 23

Haven't tested again yet, kinda scared in case I get another negative as my head is already mush about all of this. Building myself up to test in the morning, and also have an appointment with a different Dr on tuesday so gonna demand a blood test be done, just hope he does. Will update you tomorrow with the HPT results. Let me know how you get on, and fingers crossed it's good outcome for you :)


VanillaBean - September 24

Even if it's negative, doesn't mean it's accurate! Don't be bothered by a negative just yet. Wait until you get a blood test. I've read even blood tests can be negative during decidual bleeding. Even if it doesn't turn out how you want, you can keep trying. How did it go?


Fluff26 - September 26

Well, tested negative again on Saturday morning. Even though I know it could be wrong it still kinda threw me a bit. Just can't wait for my Dr appointment tomorrow. I've also never looked more forward to AF coming as I am this month, just to see what actually happens.


kda12 - September 28

I need answers please! I had unprotected s_x on Monday September 19 and Friday September 23 I was supposed to start my period. I just started to bleed on September 27. Before that I would feel nauseated all the time and very tired. I've heard every women experiences implantation bleeding different. Ive read about a lady that had it and it was just like a period and she was still pregnant. Could I be? I don't understand. Ivr had so weird symptoms and everytime I wool brush my teeth I would gag so many times. I just want yo know if I could be pregnant or is there something wrong with me?


Pleasepreg - September 28

kda, you would have ovulated way before 19th September if you were expecting AF on 23rd.


VanillaBean - September 29

Fluffy: What happened with your appointment? I went and she thinks I have a cyst. It could also be an ectopic, except the test is still negative. She's having me wait until next month to see if it gets worse. However, she doesn't think I'm pregnant, and I'm starting to agree. It was just all a coincidence I guess. kda: I don't think you'd be experiencing that with implantation bleeding.. I think you should rule that out. You can get pregnant anytime, it's less likely when you aren't ovulating, but it isn't impossible. I just don't see it making you feel that way. I think it's more psychological than anything. Give it time, if you miss your next period, then see a doctor.


Fluff26 - September 29

Hey Vanillabean, all tests are still negative so I guess it's right. Dr wants me to wait and see what happens with my next AF before suspecting something serious, so I'm adamant with myself that I need to relax and stop worrying. Fingers crossed for us all that it really is just one of those things that happens and is nothing to get worried about : )


Pleasepreg - September 29

VanillaBean, please let me know where you got your s_x ed! Of course you can't get pregnant if you're not ovulating, and you can only get pregnant if sperm meets egg. Sperm stays active in the body up to 7 days, so as long as you have UPS from 7 days before you ov and the sperm stays alive, you could get pregnant. But ONLY if those requirements are met. You CANNOT get pregnant "any time"! You can't get preg after ovulating. Accidents happen because people don't realise how long sperm can last or aware of their ov date.


solost - October 11

I have the feeling that I may be pregnant. I'm a fraid I might have implantation bleeding. I read somewhere that It can be like a normal period in length as well as heaviness. I've been starting to feel sick at the smell of certain things, I've been gooing to the bathroom more often, and I've started drinking milk where as before I would get sick if I drAnk to much and stuff because I was lactos and tollerant. Could there really be a chance that I'm pregnant or am I just tripping?


Pleasepreg - October 12

If you're lactose intollerant, you shouldn't be drinking milk! Getting pregnant won't stop you being intollerant.


mateosbaby - October 20

OK, I have some light bleeding 5+ days before AF is due. I never had that with my previous 4 children, and my periods have NEVER been early, not even by a day. I'm pretty good about tracking my cycle, including ovulation days. We weren't "trying," but we weren't "not trying," either, kwim? So there is a chance I could be pg. Most articles say that implantation bleeding is pinkish or brown, but this started out bright red and now is kind of reddish-pink. It just started late this morning. I know this may be TMI, but it smells like a regular period, but it's so early! I haven't seen or read anything about the smell, so I am curious, those of you who have had implantation bleeding, does it smell different? LOL Funny question, I know.... [blush]


Fluff26 - October 24

Hey Vanillabean, how are doing now Did you get to the bottom of whats wrong with you ? Well, AF still failed to show up this month, making it two consecutive missed periods. Went back to my GP surgey and saw another Dr who ran some bloods to check my liver, kidneys and some other stuff. However, his main concern is Celiac Disease, as the other symptoms such as bloating could all be linked to this. Get my results next week so hopefully I'll be out of the dark then :/


VanillaBean - October 24

Hello Fluff I have another appointment next Monday. AF was still very off this month. I'm 99% sure it has nothing to do with pregnancy, so hopefully it's an easy explanation. Wow, there's nothing else he thinks it could be? Luckily more and more foods are being made gluten-free so it will be a bit easier to change your diet, but I'm wishing for a negative for you. Is this the last test he's going to do? Let me know what the results are. Good luck.


Fluff26 - October 24

As far as I'm aware, this is what he thinks it is as he said it's the main thing he's testing for and is simply checking the other things while they have the blood. Which I'm glad about, as it means it wont be dragged out any longer unnecessarily. He did seem more concerned about the bloating and heartburn and so on, than he was about AF because like the other Dr's I've seen 'it can just happen for no clear reason'. I'm not too worried though if it is positive as I've doon some research into and it's totally manageable. Least I know I'm definitely not pregnant. Let me know how you get on at your appointment, and hope you get the answers you need :)


VanillaBean - November 27

Hey Fluff, My doctor ruled it was a cyst, and she said it is now gone. What happened with your appointment? Are you alright?


Dorenn - December 12

Hi i am just wondering if anyone would have some advice for me. I am currently on the pill but would also have unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. I finished my period jst a little over a week ago but then i got what seemed like a small touch of a period on friday and saturday not much at all just a bit in my pantyliner. I Immediatly got a bit worried as this has NEVER happened me before once finished my period. after i didnt get it for a third day (yesterday) i still cudnt get it off my mind so took a pregnancy test. It came up positive and stayed like that for around 10-15 mins then some kind of error occured on it. SO i took another two tests and they were both negative. Would it be a case of its just to early for pregnancy tests to determin? should i go to a doctor??? I have not to my knowledge experienced any other symptoms.



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