Implantation Bleeding Or Period Confused 2

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piyali - September 4

hi all.. i m a new member.. and i m in desperate need for guidance.. heres my situation.. in short.. my ovulation date was 20 august.. we both intimate on 16th august.. my period was due on 1st week of sept.. however i started having cramps and body aches from 28th aug.. my lower abdomen seemed bloated and br___ts seemed tender and untouchable... and on 1st and 2nd sept i had browishish spots.. i had a strong feeling intuition tat i was pregnant.. however from 3rd sept my bleeding increased and was more like period.. today it is 4th sept and i m till bleeding.. not too heavy but definitely more than mere spots... i m too confused about my state now.. whether i shud take a test or just take this as a normal period.. i hav read that implanataion bleeding can be heavy as well.. has anyone hav experienced anything close to what i m going thru? i really felt i was carrying my baby and now i feel devastated with the bleeding on.. pls pls pls advice me


amylynn926 - September 12

Dont be devastated! I have no pregnancy experience but and really from all that I do know - your situation could mean anything. There are people who spot through their whole pregnancy and people who never spot at all. My mother-in-law had her period every month through her whole pregnancy. I have also heard of women who never get a positive test bc the horomones don't increase enough but are prego's. So I know you are on here looking for someone to say "Sounds like your pregos!" bc thats what I'm on here for as well. If I were you I'd take a test. My situation is similar. Altho I haven't missed my pd yet - but I have been spotting for 8 days way before my pd was due. I went to the dr and the blood test results come in tomorrow. Good luck!


piyali - September 13

hi all the good luck for ur results.. may god answer ur prayers.. also thanks for ur support... i took a test on 11 sept.. my 24dpo... but negative... i dont think i shud hav hopes ... but will keep trying :)



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