In Denial

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Jenny - February 3

I refuse to beleive I am pregnant. I know it's true but I wont beleive it. I'm going to end my life before this brat comes


Rachel - February 3

You should have thought of that before you conceived that brat. you need to snap out of your denial and accept the consequences of your actions. That brat had no choice in the matter, you did. Consider adoption if you dont want it that bad.


Mommy2be - February 6

Look, that is the worst thing that you could do. You decided to get into the sack with some guy, have unportected s_x, and now you dont want the consequences you should have thought of that before hand. Because you are pregnant is no reason to kill yourself i recently found out that iam pregnant i had to tell my now fiance' and he is happier then ever and i was scared at first i was crying and saying i didnt want it but now i realized iam gonna be a mom and its the best feeling in the world sure being pregnant may be a little painful at times and annoying but in the end its worth it.


Mommy2be - February 7

maybe you should have included that


Mommy2be - February 7

iam sorry about your father if thats even the truth.


Rachel - February 8

I agree, you cant make a statement like that without any explanation and expect us to "know the truth." What did you expect? you need to go to the police first and foremost. Your friends should have done the same.


nikki - February 9

call Dr. Phil!!!


kiki - February 11

jerry springer!!!


Amy - February 22

You should seriously think about abortion. I'm against it myself but this situation is different, as your dad is the father the baby will come out with many defaults e.g. Retarded, brain damage e.t.c. and that will be no life for you or the child


tess - February 23

you should definatly look into abortioin, i also think that you should look in to a restraining orders for your father and your so called friends... dont end your life move away from them and build a new one, i have been through similar experiences and i have only just found out that i am 7 months pregnant, it is to late for me to do anything so i am looking at adoption, you dont have to ruin whats left of your life because of him, that is making him win... good luck and keep your head up ALWAYS



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