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lisa - October 20

i last got my period on august 28, i am now 21 days late, i have been receiving every sign.. from fatiuge to morning sickness, even to want to add pickles to my ice cream with peanut butter... also my br___ts are sore,they have also grown a lot and my lower back hurts... i have taken 3 tests in the passed 2 days... 1 was positive and 2 were negative....i am still getting the signs of pregnancy though... all ive been hering for the past 2 days is that it doesnt matter how many negatives u get if u get 1 positive it means ur pregnant... can any1 out there plz tell me if i am


jess - October 20

i would have to say that u are indeed pregnant... im sure many other people can agree with me on that one... congrads


lisa - October 21

thats really not what i wanted to hear... im only 16, what should i do next... plz right back im so scared


a friend - October 21

Lisa, first calm down. You don't know just from someone online if you are pregnant. The brain is very powerful, and if you think something enough, you can actually fool your body into thinking you are pregnant. Explain this morning sickness? Are you vomiting or is it just queeziness? What tests did you take? (Brand names) Do you have an OBGYN? Do you have a "Planned Parenthood" nearby? Write back.


Liz - October 21

You should def go to the doctor to find out for sure. When did you take the tests? Try taking a test on your first pee of the day (right after you wake up in the morning). The pregnancy hormone levels tend to be higher at this time. Planned Parenthood is a good idea, check it out. look for the one closest to you.


lisa - October 23

i throw up just about every morning... i took e.p.t. pregnancy tests... i understant that u can make ur self beleive something, but i was getting the symptoms b4 i even thought about it....


Barbara - November 1

Hello Lisa, i was in some what your position before... believe it or not i took 4 home pregnacy test and all were negative...but i had no period for two months and thought that i was going to die from some wired disease no one has heard of.... some of you may ask yourself why didn't you see a doctor.. well i tired and my insurance sucks my appointment wasn't schduled until oct 6 and my last period was June 28.... when i went to the doctors office... i got news that i thought i would never hear... you all guessed it... i was pregnant.... i was so shocked and scared that i told the doctor to try it again.. they said that i was testing too soon...and that is why the results were negative.. i don't want to scare you but the story is true as can be... i wish you the best of luck... please keep us posted....



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