Is Cramping And Stomach Aches Normal

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leigh - September 13

I am 5 weeks pregnant For the last 2 weeks I have had what seem like period cramps and upper stomach aches on and off all day long? Is this normal or should I be worried? Also alot of my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. Is that normal?


Jess - July 10

The same thing has happened to me. I had all the symptoms of pregnancy for a week before bleeding. After my five-day and lighter period the symptoms seem to have disappeared. But now for the past couple of days I have been feeling as if my period is coming, but it is not due until JUly 19 or so. Tests show I am negative so if I was I would be 6 weeks pregnant - going to have one more test done just to make sure.


sarah - July 22

i'm just wondering what the abnormal spotting looks like because as you know all women spot so what is it actually suppose to look like. because i noticed that it used to come out in one spot and know it seems like it spots in different places.


Janna - August 30

I am supposedly 6 weeks pregnant today and I'm getting period-like cramps off and on. Is this normal?


abc - September 13

I am wondering the same thing, I cramped all day today and af not due until Sept 22nd. Its weird and very achey. I am wondering the same thing GL:)


tru - September 13

i have to say that before I was late for my last period i thought for sure i was getting it. I had all the symptons and signs of getting it. When I found out I was preg I was about 7 weeks so that made me about 5-6 weeks when I had those signs so I think that it may be normal


KMR - September 14

I just found out yesterday I am PREGNANT!!! I'm having those same cramps. on and off through the day (and night) kinda like menstral cramps, but not. My doctor appt is scheduled for tomorrow, so I dont know how far along I am yet. at least i know someone else is feeling the same cramps as me! :O)


amanda stoakes - September 20

I have been also having period cramps on and off for a while. I am a bit confused as to how far gone i am as my last period lasted only for one day and i have since found out that this could have been the implantation or spotting. Therefore, this would actually make me three months instead of 10 weeks.. I am going back to my doctor to consult him about this. However I have already been a__sured by him that having period cramps are quite normal, just as long as they are not only on one side and not very strong. One sided pain is often related to eptopic pregnancies.


dan - October 28

hi, i too, have just found out im pregnant! at least the test is positive! i have been having period cramps for five days - they come and go... im also worried - don't know if it is normal or not... have an appt with dr. on monday... will let you people know :)


Christina - October 28

Yes, this is fine. I am 20 weeks, and I had all that good stuff your going through. Just be stong, and it will get better. Your body is going through a change. That is what the doctor told me, when I had asked him about it. Good luck it will get better.


victoria - November 11

My doctor said it is normal. I am 6 weeks and have menstrual type cramps. My doctor said it's because your uterus is stretching and your body hormones are changing.


kamini - November 18

i have at night cramps in stomach am i pregnant


Erin - July 26

If you're worried, ask you're doctor.. but I had the same cramps the first few weeks before finding out I was pregnant and about a week after, and my doctor told me it was perfectly normal, and now it's stopped (at 10 weeks). So don't worry too much because it's just the baby implanting in your uterus, sometimes you'll even spot just a little.. if the cramps are severe (much worse than period cramps), if you have a fever, or if you're bleeding a lot then you need to go to the doctor


erica - July 28

Cramping and spotting are very normal!! I had both w/ my last pregnancy. I did get an ultrasound when I was spotting at 8 weeks to make sure everything was okay and it was. I would let your Dr. know if your spotting just in case. But it is normal to have both and not miscarry.(I know b/c I have miscarried) For those reading, try not worry. It is normal, but do call your Dr. just to let them know. Cramping is so normal, spotting is too, but your Dr. may want to do a ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay!!! Good Luck


Lori - August 12

I have much menstral cramping now for 5 days but no period. the cramping stuff makes me feel very tired.


Lori - August 12

I have much menstral cramping now for 5 days but no period. the cramping stuff makes me feel very tired. I am not pregnant


alix - August 16

I also get the same cramps,I went for my first scan last week and everything was ok. seeing the babys heartbeat was wonderfull.I am 8 weeks so i think that it is pretty normal to have cramps around this time. Good luck for your future tho.



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