Is Cramping And Stomach Aches Normal

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judy gerz - September 19

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Wifey - September 19

I am bleeding again with moderate cramps and back ache. The baby looks fine so far based on the last ulrasound. They can't find the reason for the bleeding. It's not like I have to wear a pad but when I wipe, their is blood tinged discharge ranging from red, to pink to brown. It had went clear for six days but started back up the night of the ultrasound last week. I thought for sure I had lost the baby. So far so good but the cramps are so bad I had to take tylenol. I don't know if it is more intense because this is baby number three or what. The bleeding has us all puzzled since everything with the baby looks good. This week we will get another ultrasound on Thursday night to compare growth. I am a prime example of sometimes bleeding with cramping isn't always bad. So far so good but I am only in my seventh week so I have a long haul.


leanne - September 20

Yes you usually have some cramping pains during the early weeks of pregnancy. I felt like I was about to start my period anytime !


itsjustme - September 21

i have been having cramps that feel like period aswell..i have stomache aches but i dont feel hungry. i need help. because im only 17 and i am really scared:S..i dont know waht to do


new mom - September 21

You have come to the right place. I am a 1st timer and I have had so many questions answered just by reading. I had a really bad upset stomach for almost 2 weeks. Try to eat something, even if it is small amounts several times a day. Once I started eating I started feeling better. Crackers and dry toast seem to help.


rebekah - September 23

Hello all:) It is about 13 days PO and I have also been having the weird cramps. They come for about an hour or two then i dont feel them anymore. Then tey will return. Does this sound familiar to anyone? My husband and I really want a baby!!


kim - October 8

I am also having achiness and a tugging feeling. I'm 5 1/2 weeks and it is really good to hear of so many other women with the same symptoms.


karen - October 12

i suspect that i am about 9wks. i am going for thr first scan next week. i haven't been very well, my stomach is really bloated and i keep getting cramp like pains. i am feeling as though nobody understands!


pd - October 12

from 6 weeks i had a low dull ache and crampiy kind of feeling must of been from changes in pregnancy because i was ok ime now 31 weeks pregnant and i cant beleive how time as flew bye it will do for you too i couldent wait to have my first scan to beleive i was pregnant then i couldent wait to find out what s_x it was i have over 8 weeks left to go and its so exciting good luck and happy birthing


Jalynn - October 16

I am 6 weeks pregnant.. it seems more at night that i have slight cramps... is that normal??


Wifey - October 16

I am now in my 11th week. Bleeding stopped a couple of weeks ago and I have had three positive ultrasounds. I have been cleared of a threatened miscarriage and put in a normal pregnancy category for now. I am relieved and am proof again that severe to mild cramping with bleeding, not spotting, is not always a bad thing. Always go to the Dr. and let them know whenever something weird is going on. I never did get an answer as to why I was bleeding but I don't care as long as everything continues to progress.


roxanna - October 16

i also have been having lower stomach cramps. i have had one miscarrage,so it can be a scary thing if you want something so bad and hope that it don't turn out the same way.i don't know ,suppost to start on the 23 rd.i am glad to hear others are feeling the same as me..good luck to all of you


rochelle - October 18

I have been diagnosed with fibroid and am scheduled to have surgery Nov 30, 2005. All year I have had deathlyperoiod pain which leaves me in bed for days. This month I had little to no pain. I have been having headaches, cramping, and I am extremely tired I can not stay up past 9:00. It feels like my period is coming again. My husband and I have tried conceiving for 8 1/2 years with help from an infertility doctor with no luck. Could I be pregnant? The cramping is getting worse should I take a pregnancy test?


jane - October 18

yes i would take a test if you think you are good luck to you both come back let us no


Rochelle - October 23

I called the gyn doctor who is doing my surgery and he said that my hormones are out of wack. I explained to him that my AF was only here for 3 days compared to 10 days. He said that this was not my period. I reminded him that my little bleeding episode was a week before my AF shoud have been here and that I have not gotten my period yet. I took a pregancy test and it was negative. I guess we will see in November if AF shows up. I am still having cramps, tiredness, and small feeling in my b___st as thought they want to hurt but change their mind. Can my hormones be this wacky for me to have missed my period this month? Any suggestions. [email protected]


JK - October 25

I had period like cramps - more on my right side about a week before and week after I was due for AF. Got a positive 5 days after AF was due!!



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