Is Cramping And Stomach Aches Normal

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JK - October 25

I had period like cramps - more on my right side about a week before and week after I was due for AF. Got a positive 5 days after AF was due!!


Danielle - March 5

Im on my 2nd month of birth control and I have two more pills to go before the sugar pills. I have weird feelings in my stomach. Sometimes I feel crampy, but it's not only lower. Its like right underneith my chest as well. And my back is a little crampy, but up top. And I have this weird, warm-like feeling inside my stomach. Is this all hormone related? And is this all related to me getting my period soon?


Tee - April 6

I have been cramping on and off too and also have very light bleeding . My GP did a pregancy test yesterday and it was positive. I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago so I am a bit concerned. Its rea__suring to know though that this is normal in early preg. I feel a bit better now.


princess_20 - May 1

i am about 6 weeks right now and the other day when i went to the doc. i told him about having minor cramps along with a few sharp pains. he told me that is normal as long as your not having the sharp pains more than 3 times in an hour. he called today to check up on me and i told him that last night i was having the sharp pains again along with some spotting and he told me to come in tomorrow for a u/s to make sure im not having a eptopic pregnancy. so i suggest that if your having pains that dont seem normal then check with your doctor.


Tammy276 - May 2

It is normal to have some cramping in early pregnancy. Basically, your cramps feel like Af is coming. When I was pregnant, I ran to the bathroom every hour, because it really felt like AF was coming due to the cramps I was getting. If they are severe, or if you have bleeding (not spotting) with them, I would call your doctor. Spotting is also normal in early pregnancy. Good luck to all of you!!


dueJan1607 - May 17

Cramping shouldn't be an issue to be concerned you doc. if you have heavy bleeding accompanying it


Han - May 20

I'm nearly 6 weeks and I've had a few light pains, and I'm a bit worried - I know all the medical books say its expected to have a few, but I'm still worried! I've not had any bleeding what so ever. How do you know if you've M/C? is it obvious?


elilyn - June 6

Han, it is very obvious when you have a MC, because you get contractions, not just mild cramping, and very heavy blood flow, not just spotting. a little spotting and cramps are usually pretty normal, but go to the doc just in case because sometimes a MC can start out that way.


Tammy Sue - June 30

I am 7 weeks pregnant, I had one m/c 5 months ago. last pregnancy I had double over pains for more than a month, I m/c when I was 2 months. This time I have menstral like cramps not very painful, but I also have achey back and legs. I have a A/S next week.


tiffanielw - July 7

I am 5.6 weeks pregnant, and having been having period like cramps for 2weeks, and have been spotting for 2 days, this is my fourth pregnancy and this has never happened before. I was wondering if any of the people who had posted before with the same symptoms would answer with what happened in their cases. Thank you.


Tammy276 - July 8

As long as it is spotting and doesn't turn into a full b__wn period, you should be fine. But if you are spotting for more that a couple of days, I would call your doc. just to confirm with her that everything is o.k. It is normal to have menstrual like cramps in the beginning of your pregnancy. For the first two months, I constantly thought AF was going to come anytime, and I also spotted a little bit too....So you are not alone. It is normal.


madelaine - July 21

hi, i am on my 11weeks of pregnancy and i have been having menstrual cramps like,but i am not sure if it have to do with the baby or just my intestin i think it happens more when i haven't been to the bathroom. also i seem to be getting ga__sy (flatulent)is that normal? do you know of somthing to help with that because i kinda get coligs(stomach ache) because of that.


HellenV - August 18

I took a test yesterday and it came back positive!.. I am so glad I found this site..since I too am feeling cramps. Thanks for you help!!


Tammy Sue - August 19

The doctor said that unless you have really bad cramps and or are bleeding that is when to go to the doctor. It is very normal to have aches and pains. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and I am doing great.


4th time mum - August 24

im 8wks and also having the cramping i keep going to the toilette just to check but all is well so far.also since yesterday im getting new aches it feels like ive done a round at the gym.or over stretched its a really weard this normal?


RHG - September 9

Hi I am new to this but i am 14 dpo and today i have a burning painful feeling in my lower tummy and pain in the pelvic area. Is this normal? Anyone?



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