Is High Heeled Shoes Ok At 12 Weeks

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snowbaby - June 15

At how many weeks should i start to wear flat ones please? i am starting my week 12 tomorow. And have a pain in my both my thighs when i walk ..going down from buttock to just above the knee... is this due to high heels? i wear a 2.5inch heel daily from 8AM to 5PM.. but i dont walk much though..... thanks in advance


Tammy276 - June 15

I would say as long as you feel comfortable wearing them, it should be o.k. Just remember when you start to get bigger, you loose your balance more easily, and your feet will start to get swollen, so then I would prob. switch to flats.


snowbaby - June 15

oh.. ok :-) thankxxxxxxxx


Tammy276 - June 16

Oh yeah, and the pain you are experiencing could be due to the heels. You are carrying around extra weight, and are probably carrying your body a little bit differently due to the pregnancy. It could be causing strain on your legs.


snowbaby - June 16

i am 57 kg.. and still it doesnt seem to have changed .. its still 57kg.... may be its the way the body is now being carried around :-) thanks ... will go for a "flatish" pair this weekend ...


frankschick2001 - June 16

If they are uncomfortable, dont wear high heels!


NURSEJ - June 20

my mom and every pregnant women around me says if u wear high heels u will get varicose veins more easier and possible blood clts,, so i've been staying away from them just flats and tennis shoes.


KLT - July 4

NURSEJ - my mom and her friends say the same thing. But my doctor has told me that its actually better not to wear completely flat shoes..but rather an inch or two... But better to wear shoes that have that height all round the shoe, rather than the heel alone. I've worn heels for so long, I don't even know how to walk in flats right...i've tripped over my feet so many times, my husband makes fun of me when I walk...but after walking around even one single feet are killing me, so i'm getting used to flip flops...but even those are killing my feet now!!


livdea - July 5

I've been wearing 3 inch wedges pretty much my entire pregnancy! No problems at all! Once in a while I'll loose my balance a little bit but not normally! I just feel cuter in my heels. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and still wearing them.



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