Is It Very Pain Full After A Ceserean

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Anonymous - July 29

Will i be able too walk on the first day that i have a cesarean doen?


sweetie - June 14

I had a cesarean with my first child, it was a little painful at first. They usually give you mediaction that really works good, although it kept making me sleepy. As for your question, You stay in the hospital for about 2-3 days after delivery, so that they can make sure evrything is healing Okay. During this time the nurses encourage you to get up and walk to the restroom or around your room to get used to the feeling. To me it felt like heavy pressure as I stood and walked. The best thing is to have someone there to give you loving support. It can be somwhat painful but, having the new baby there will make you not focus so much on the pain, and help you recover faster.


Mom squared - July 21

I just had my first cesarean last week (12 July) during the birth of my second child because she was breach. It is a little painful but the pain is manageable with medication. Frankly, I am finding the recovery much easier than my first pregnancy which I delivered v____ally. The labor, or lack there of, is much easier. Also, don't worry about the procedure itself. It is completely painfree and actually kind of interesting. Just put put your trust in your physicians and the staff at the hospital. Everything will be fine. Good luck!


Kim - July 23

How long would you say you are uncomfortable after the c-section is performed?? I was talkink to someone who had it done three weeks ago and she said she still doesn't feel right. This is my first pregnancy and I am worried about all of the after birth. I figure the more I know now the better, I won't be surprised.


Hong Kong - July 29

I had a caesarean with my first child and I had almost no pain. After the epidural was removed (3 hours or so after the operation), the most I had was a couple of painkillers which the nurse told me weren't much stronger than panadol. On the day after the operation I had painkillers once and the next day and onward I didn't need any. However, the lady in the bed next to me at the hospital had a reasonable amount of pain and she was using quite strong painkillers even a couple of days after her caesarean. End result - I suspect that it depends on the individual but even then, with painkillers, everyone can manage without too much need to worry.


nina - March 24

cesarean is somewhat painful, but you will be able to walk on the first day.


Misty - March 24 seems like you ladies were amazingly lucky. With the birth of my first son I had a c-section, they gave me a generic brand of percaset(sp?) and if I din't take it every four hours I had quite a bit of pain. That was for days afterward. I remember getting up one day while trying to potty train our puppy to let him outside...I hadn't had my pain medication yet and the pain was so bad I could barely walk. It felt like someone had taken a hot iron and stuck it on my stomach. That was how the pain always was for me, like an intense burning where the incision had been made at. Maybe it had something to do with the doctor?


Rose - April 5

I had twin girls on July 11, 2004. It was painful, but I think mine was due to the amount of blood loss. They were debating on a blood transfusion. It took me a month to get my strength back. I do agree that with the pain meds given you can get through it with no problem. You will barely remember the whole process.


Audhotrod - April 22

Oh it was no big deal. I had a c-section with my second child. A boy. and I was up walking around the next day to the nursery to go get him. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days. Which is routine. They gave me pain killers to take with me. but I didn't really take them. They were narcotics and I am really leary about taking drugs to begin with. The only thing I noticed was not being able to carry things and not being able to bend over. My husband helped with house work. I was doing laundry when I got home from the hospital. Believe me I know everyone is different, but I actually enjoyed my second delivery more than my first which was a v____al delivery. The recovery, If you take care of yourself and you have a good tolerance for moderate pain, it is really easy to bare. Plus you will have a new bundle to joy to look after. You dont even think about anything else....good luck!


samantha - April 25

I agree that every woman and every pregnancy is different. I had my thrid baby - 2nd c-section - 4 weeks ago. My 1st wasnt so bad. I didn't need pain meds after I got home. But this time is much more painful. I'm still hurting quite a bit. I'm still taking pain med to sleep and I have that burning feeling the woman talked about earlier and my mobility is still pretty limited. Its very frustrating.


samantha Wright - May 17

I had a C-section 2 weeks ago. I agree that the first day or so are hard because getting up off the bed or seat is hard but once you start walking around, it gets easier and easier. I healed fast and I refuse to give in to pain - I hate being fussed over and being a single parent I had to get on my feet quickly so I could start being a mom! Good luck


Julia - May 19

I think it must be different for everyone. I lost a lot of blood during my Csection and did have to have a transfusion after a couple of days. I certainly was not walking for about 3 days after. I was not even sitting up in bed until about 36 hours later. I was in hospital for 6 days and wen thome with stong painkillers. I was very tired and in pain for the first few weeks but by 6 weeks after, just like they say, I was feeling pretty good. Everything healed up fine and I would do it again to have a 2nd baby if I am so lucky.


twinkle - June 8

No, it is extremely painfull. i had one four months ago and it literally took me about 4 weeks to properly get over it. i gave birth to a 10.5 pound baby at 1430 and i wasn't allowed to get out of bed until 0900 the next morning and it was agony i couldn't lift my feet just shuffle and it was like that for at least 2 weeks getting in and out of bed was a nightmare. don't listen to anyone whoi says cesarean is the easy option because the only people that say that are the ones that haven't been through it!!!although the birth of your precious baby helps you get over it.


Bridget Holloway - June 10

I had a c-section 3 years ago with my 1st daughter (breech baby) . I was so nervous about it but it ended up not being bad at all. I remember lying there on the operating table thinking "man, this is the way to have a baby." I didn't feel a thing, I just laid there and talked to the Dr. and my husband while they were operating on me (kind of weird). Once the spinal tap started wearing off, I must say that I was in extreme pain. I had uncontrollable shakes (nurse said from the anesthesia wearing off). The shakes made my stomach tighten up, which made my incision hurt even more. I've always thought I had a high tolerance for pain, but this was bad. They put me on a morphine pump which I could administer myself when needed. Once I got thru the 1st day , things were much better. I was not able to walk the 1st day, didn't even attempt to get out of bed (had a catheter in). The morning after the nurses got me out of bed. It hurt trying, felt like my insides were going to fall out, but once I got up and started stirring around I felt alot better ( I took a shower that 2nd day, that in itself did wonders.) Overall, the c-section wasn't bad. Within a week, I felt back to myself, just sore - no pain. You're going to hurt either way you have a baby. I've opted to have my 2nd baby by a scheduled c-section. I just pray I don't get those uncontrollable shakes again. Good Luck!!


lashunda - June 10

i had a c-section (noted that was 5 yrs ago) and i remember that i was in so much pain, that i had trouble sleeping and i couldn't even laugh.


brownessence - June 23

I agree with sweetie. I just had one done a week ago with my first baby. I was scared when I found out that I would have to get one but I'm recovering alright but I still have a way to go.


Jolene - June 24

When i had my done I was walking. But it was painfull. Some time they won't make you get up till the next day. With my first one and second one i didn't get up. With my third i got up right away. I think it's better to get up right away.



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