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kaybee123 - January 29

I could not wait for pregnancy to be over. I had my membranes stripped on Friday. Saturday night at about 8pm, I was cooking dinner and drinking a glass of red wine. The contractions started and I knew right away that I was going in. I waited for a while, even got in a hot bath. I got to the hospital at about ten or so. I was still at 2 cm, but this time 60% effaced. There were quite a few babies being born that night so they put me in a room and said they would be back after the next baby was born. Well when they came back in about 1210, I was 6cm. At this point, they were cleaning up one of the delivery rooms and preparing to move all my things over to that room. By the time they finished and I was in the room, I was nine and a half. The bad part (well not really) was the fact that I was having killer contractions at a time where no one could help me. So at nine and a half centimeters dilated, it was time to push. They apologized for not being able to give me ANYTHING, but the worst part was the contractions that I had BEEN having. And I knew that it was only a matter of time before it was all over. I had no labor coach or anything. Just the nurses and midwife that worked there. They broke my water and I started pushing with my contractions. I did say at one point that I just could not do it. They kept telling me to push through the pain and in about thirty minutes or less, out popped my daughter at 8 lbs 4 oz and 20.5 inches long. Now this was 0100 Sunday the 28th. I came home today, Monday the 29th. I did get five st_tches but they said the tear was only minor. The nurses there kept saying that they could not believe how calm I was. I didn't think I was calm, I think I had temporarily lost it from all the pain I was in. But imagine that. My third and last baby. I carried her to 39 weeks and 1 day. I was gonna be induced on Tuesday. My other two were at 36 and 35 weeks, 23 hours and 13 hours. And this one...made me look like Superwoman. And after all that pain, I would do it again. Oh...well not really. But it is so worth it. Good luck ladies.


Crystal Star - January 29



mamaof3 - February 20

Congrats on your baby girl! You are so lucky it's all over, I can't wait and I'm only 7 weeks.


orchidmom - February 26

Congrats!!!!! Yes you are Superwoman. Good Luck to you and your precious little baby.



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