Labour Time Plz Answer

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Ruthie - January 5

I've heard that some labours can last over 24 hours. Even an average 7 hours seems unbearable to me. Are you going through contractions the whole time and in pain constantly? How long between each contraction? I'm worried. I don't think I've got the concentration to sit in hospital for that long! Never mind in so much agony. Please help. I'm not a wimp, and I do have quite a high pain threshold, but childbirth is 'the unknown' to me. I really am baffled!


Christine - January 6

Yes labor can last longer than 24 hrs..usually it wont be hard labor which means contractions wont come at 3 minute intervals and last a minute or so each..but that can happen as wont have time to worry about where your sitting..the pain is hurts but in the end its'll be ok...I have had two so far...6 1/2 months into my 3rd..I think about the labor again and get nervous, but then I remember the joy of holding my newborn and I cant labor wasnt that bad..and hard labor was about 6 hours with my first and 3 with my second...believe me you wont be thinking about the time...good luck...


Ruthie - January 7

Thanks Christine x


Deniece - January 14

Labor with my first child was about 27 hours beginning to end. There are stages to pregnancy, so it's usually not 24 hours of hard labor. The first stage for me was really just mild discomfort, like I had to use the bathroom. It intensifies, and when it happens depends on the woman, but no good doctor would let a woman sit in "hard labor" for 24 hours or more.





Jenn - June 12

I was in labor for 41 hours, didn't get the epidural until 37 hours, but don't let that scare you. Long labors run in my family, I don't know anyone else that has been over 24 hours. I started at 7:30 am and they were every 7-8 min apart, they hit 5 min at 11:00 pm, we went to hospital as advised by the Ob, was not even dialated :( gave me some meds to sleep got home around 3, woke up at 7 am 6 min apart, went to regular appt at 2:00 pm was at a 3 they gave me epi at 4:00 delivered at 11;50 pm. But he was worth every second! I know it was only that long because my mom and sisters are the same I think we are just "lucky". You will do just fine . Don't worry. Even though my labor was long the whole thing was actually exciting. The labor meant i was finally going to have and hold my baby!!


Colleen - June 13

As far as what to expect pain wise...and it helps to know what to expect so don't freak out when you hear...just use the information to let you know everything is normal....Labor feels different for everyone depening on the poistion of your baby and how in shape you typical rule of thumb is this...imagine menstrual cramps the worst ones you've ever had....that is most of labor (remember that your body is equipped with lots of great hormones to help get you through this sane, adrelanine is a great thing) most of latent labor (first stage) you won't even notice, or you will notice but it won't be alarming. for me i ususally try to stay as busy as possible during latent labor to keep my mind off of it...that goes for most of acive labor as well (second stage) you can uasually go bout your regular routine through active labor having to stop occaisionally to breathe through a contraction you will know (usually) that you are hitting transition when the cramps get so bad you think that can't possibly get any worse...and then it will get alot better. most women who labor naturally feel a little delirious during the transition stage ( I get shaky and can't really speak louder than a whisper) but then get very lucid as soon as they are complete(ie at 10 cm). as for Delivery ( and i have done it 4 times w/o drugs) if feels similar to trying to poop a bowling ball....the worst part is "the burn"(meaning the streching of the skin around the birth ca___l) when the baby is crowning....know that when you feel the burn you are almost done, don't give up and hold the baby's head out(don't relax completely) push slowly and ask if you can have warm compression on your perenium to help it stretch also if you are having a midwife(or an agreeable Doc) buy a small bottle of food grade oil (olive or the like)and leave it closed they can use that to help lubricate the skin during crowning and it really helps alleviate the burn. once that head is out you are only a few pushes away from being done...push out the body ( which is nothing compared to crowning) and then deliver your placenta and your are done. (let me tell you as soon as my last baby crowned i yelled like my favorite team had just scored a goal i was soooo happy to have it over with but in reality it's not that bad..especially since if you know that the baby has to come really don't have many choices ( i constantly tell whoever is nearby "i really don't want to do this" or something like that sometimes talking about the fact that i am in pain helps)Good luck...go for that natural delivery and you'll be amazed at what you feel for that little one when it is over!!! my labors including first stage are around 2 or three days....but i don't go into the hospital until i know i need to with this last one we were only there for half an hour before he was out :) remember that most of your laboring will probably happen at home and not in the hospital and that's where you're the most comfortable anyways.Sorry about writing a book hope this helps and doesn't freak anyone out :)


wow - June 13

great colleen , thanks,feels good to read ur story, i want to deliver naturally with no drugs, I wish everything goes ok, long way to go , i m in 4th month now


~E~ - June 15

Colleen: Thank you so much for sharing the details of your delivery. It helps me to the know ins and prepared for it and knowing what to expect. Your post is very informative... useful!!!


Katharine - June 20

My first labor was a total of 8 hours, once I knew I was in labor. 1 1/2 hours of "gee, i'm in labor : )", another hour of "ok, labor sucks", four hours of pain, then 1 1/2 hours of pushing (euphoria). I'm hoping for four total hours this time, like my mother...



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