Losing My Mind

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belladonnablue - June 14

I'm right at around 6 months pregnant. It's my first baby, and was unplanned, but will be arriving to a warm welcome from both parents, luckily. Pre-pregnancy, and during the first two semesters, I've always been a happy-go-lucky, optimistic and roll-with-the-punches sort of chick. I'd hang with the guys, never cry, and came up fighting from every crisis, and if I got stressed, I didn't let it show. But lately it's like I've completely lost my ability to cope. With ANYTHING. I've been coming unglued at the TINIEST of complications and I feel like I've been lobotomized. I've cried more the past few days than I have in a decade. And it doesn't help that the crises I'm currently facing aren't even tiny! I'm recovering from an ER visit for a kidney infection (JUST got off of antibiotic treatment) and now I've got a yeast infection that will. Not. Die. Plus we have three cats and they've got fleas and we've been battling them for three weeks and now they've taken to chewing on me, but I'm the only person that's terribly concerned about them! I can't sleep -- if not because I want to scratch myself raw all night, then it's because I keep thinking fleas are crawling on me and biting me! And we're flying out of town in a few days for me to go home and tell the family I'm pregnant, and then driving back in a truck so I can finally, finally move all my stuff. It's not ideal, but it's pretty much our last chance to do it before the baby comes! And I'm supposed to be writing, as I should be contributing to household income through freelancing, but I just can't! I can't even relax enough to watch a movie or read or play a game, much less focus enough to write. I get myself so worked up, all I can do is either collapse on the bed in a fit of tears or go on a cleaning frenzy. I'm going completely insane. Please tell me it's just the pregnancy hormones which are rendering me into a helpless damsel in distress, and I'll go back to normal after the baby's born. But what the heck do I do in the meantime?!?! I can't fix anything if I can't stop crying!



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