Losing Symptoms Please Help

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Dani - October 25

Hi everyone! I just found out on Friday that I am 4 weeks pregnant. My br___ts for the last week or so have been really sore, I have felt dizzy and had headaches. Last night I went to lay down for bed and my br___ts werent sore, I am not bleeding or cramping or anything like that - It goes off and on (sore - not sore - sore) Has anyone ever had this or is this a sign of miscarriage? I never thought I would WANT the discomforts of pregnancy!! I am so scared to lose this baby - please help me.


Brynn - October 25

Hi I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have been extremely tired and my b___sts are sometimes sore and a little fuller. I am not showing. I have my first appointment tomorrow. I always think something is wrong too because I am not sick. I will find out tomorrow.


Tess - October 25

I am 10w4d pregnant and I have the same symptoms. I am not showing yet either. I had my first ultrasound on my 6w3d. I get sore b___st on n off and a little fuller too. If you're in doubt go see ur OB or set up an appt. Hope that helps.


Dani - October 25

Thank you for your responses! I think I am just paranoid! My soreness came back! It's good to know that this is a common thing in early pregnancy! Thank's again!


lilia - January 21

i am so scared,my b___st gets big an sore then smaller,same with the bloating ,one day i feel the m/s next day nothing is this normal?I am also on progesterone


jenniferjuliane - February 10

Well, I'm not FOR SURE that I'm pg yet, I take a test in a couple days. I've been sick to my stomach and a few other signs. But what concerns me, is that 3-4 dpo I got b___st tenderness, now all of a sudden, these past couple of days is NOTHING! Only thing I had is the sickness. I've had 2 m/c and I'm so scared of losing another one. I feel like I AM pg but then I get these doubts when this happens. I know exactly how you feel Dani! I get paranoid too! I have a dr's appt monday, I'm gonna ask them their advice and I'll let y'all know what they say! Good luck to all!


knpandrews - February 11

Hi ladies... if you go on the the First trimester and General pregnancy forum there is alot of information about this. However, i can tell you this. I found out i was pregnant on Monday night. My b___st have been so sore one day and not so sore the next. I went to the doc. on tues. she took blood and my progesterone was 8.88 then after prometrium tablets she took more blood yesterday and she said it was 18.88 she also said my HCG levels went up from 176 to 868. So even though i had b___st tenderness on and off, my levels were still going up which the doctor says is a good thing. Good luck ladies.


elisveta - February 13

whats up with all you women freaking out if your not feeling symptoms?? Have you never been around a pregnant woman who wasn't feeling symptoms? Why would you think you have to be sick or something to have a normal pregnancy???


jenniferjuliane - February 13

Hey elisveta, you're wondering why we worry about not having symptoms?! Well, some of the posts say they're worried b/c they had symptoms and now they don't. If you had 2 m/c's and REALLY wanted a baby, you'd be worried too. My last pregnancy I was feeling symptoms and doing fine. The next day, NOTHING! Come to find out, I had a m/c. I'm not being rude, but just don't question us and our worries, we all get worried when we find out we're pg.


amberlee - February 18

well, i just thought i'd let all of yu know this. i think 4 weeks may be too early to start losing yur symptooms, but it is normal for symptoms to decrease or stop when yu hit 10-12 weeks. yur placenta starts soaking up the horomones, so therefore yur less tired and sick.


OBrien - February 18

Well, I lost my symptoms at 4 weeks, I guess everyones body is different!! I had some b___st tenderness and a couple other things...then WHAM, nothing, so IT DOES HAPPEN! And of course, I had a m/c that following week. Good luck to all of you ladies!!!


Vanessa2 - November 15

Hi! I'm about 4 weeks as well, and was wondering the same thing...My only symptoms have been sore b___sts and menstrual-feeling cramps. I've had both for the last week. I think I expected my b___sts to get increasingly sore each day, but that hasn't been the case. Yesterday was more sore than today. I've talked to others about it and they said it can just come and go...What have you all experienced?


cayingo - November 20

Just browsing thu the other boards I cam e across this thread, and since it wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes I thought I'd offer my experience to you all. I have a 7 yo DD, and I am currnetly 24 weeks pg after 2 ectopics and then 2 m/c. So I completely understand your fears. I can tell you right now that you need to get use to the symptoms coming and going. Some days they will be feirce and others they'll give you a break. Especially as you get closer towards the 10week period. I"d say for weeks 6-10 or 12 were the worse, then they taper off. W/ my DD I had only sore b___sts, but this time we're having a boy and he is raking me over the coals. I was sick, dog tired, and crabby for the first tri. It felt like a 24/7 hangover. But magically, at week 13...relief. 2nd tri has been bliss. Now I'm entering the 3rd tri and I can feel the fatigue coming back with a new b___st sensation...stinging kind of. But I noticed a week ago that I'm starting to "leak" colostrum. SO I guess that's what they stinging is from, milk production beginning. I know it's so very hard, but try as best you can to not worry until you've really got a reason to. Expect it all to go well, then deal with what may come if it does. As for you, ELISVETA, if you have never experienced a loss know one would expect you to understand where the intense fear of m/c comes from, but what you DO need to understand is that these forums are safe havens for these women. We come here to support and rally for each others' successful pregnancies. You're criticism and tone are neither productive nor welcome. Good luck to all of you!!! It goes so very fast, so enjoy it. :)



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