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Deniece - January 14

After I finally get past the morning sickness, there's a new problem. I tend to lose my appet_te 1/3 to 1/2 way through meals (not the case with fast food though - interesting, huh?). If the meal is homemade, it will taste delicious at the beginning and then I lose all desire to eat anymore. It happens at least 3 times a week. Has anyone else experienced this?


kashi - January 16

yep, i stand in the kitchen for about an hour starving while i cook and as soon as dinner is on the table ready to eat, i loose my appet_te...


shay - January 25

i dont have a appet_te anymore i dont be hungry but my belly do i had ice cream that i always eat alot i really didnt want it so can u tell me what's wrong .


Deniece - January 25

Yeah, it's like I can't eat my own food anymore, and I'm a pretty good cook. I have no problem eating fast food though. It's so strange. I'm concerned that I'm not gaining enough weight because of it. I've gained 5 pounds between 8 weeks and 17 weeks. Not sure if that's enough.


lenny - January 26

I wonder how far u re now? because I am 16 weeks pregnant and still don't have any appet_te.I have to force myself to eat. I even wonder myself because most people say women would normally gain their appet_te when they re pregnant.


Deniece - January 27

I'm about 18 weeks. My appet_te is okay (I get hungry), it's just that when I start eating my appet_te disappears completely and I have to force myself to eat at least half of it. What's strange is that, like I said before, I don't have any problems eating fast food when I'm hungry, but homecooked stuff gives me problems. And it's not everything I cook, so I can't pinpoint if it's just a certain type of food.


Danielle - January 31

I don't know about the rest of you but I lose my appet_te cause I have constant heartburn. It burns and burns and Tums don't work :( I'm very sad about this cause usually I'm obsessed with food lol. Chicken and rice is good, you people should try that, I find that I don't lose my appet_te with that.


Alma - February 7

Hi Deniece, I have the exact same problem as you. I also try to cook for my husband and I. The food looks so good and I'm feeling hungry. I sit down to eat and all of a sudden my appet_te is gone. But, just like you said, fast food, no problem!! I'm almost 12 weeks and I lost ten lbs. at the beginning and I'm trying to gain it back but it's so hard. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the prenatal vitamins I'm taking. I noticed that I sometimes feel nauseous after taking them. Have you experienced the same after taking your vitamins?


Hayat - February 7

Hi Alma.i have same problem with prenatal vitamins. i even can feel the taste of the pill now in my mouth and about to vomit. the best thing i found is to take them in the middle of a meal or jus.i am 9 weeks pregnant and i feel i am loosing weight. no more craving for food or fruits all i need is to stay in the bed and have a long sleep.


Trina - February 21

Well ladies I am 13 weeks pregnant and I thought that I was the only one having problems with loss of appet_te. I am really concerned about having to force myself to eat. I really only eat when my partner is pushing me to do so. He is concerned that I do not eat enough for me and our baby. I am really confused I also thought that this was a time to really crave things. I have not experienced any cravings yet. When will this stop?


mickeymoo - February 24

I am 5 weeks and am also experiencing a loss of appet_te; this is very unusual for me as normally I love my food! It's like I just can't be bothered to eat but am doing so because I know it's important. BTW, did anyone experience lack of appet_te then get morning sickness later on? Have not had that so far.


Kirsten - March 3

In response to Mickey Moo -- yes, I began having aversions to certain foods -- couldn't stand odors or the sight of them...a week or two later I began having morning sickness


Nicole - March 15

I'm only 6 weeks pregnant and I have no apet_te whatsoever. Nothing sounds good to me, I have no cravings, nothing... no nausea either. I really hope it comes back because I was really looking forward to the extra eating!


#2 - March 25

I have completely lost my appit_te. I force myself to eat but I know I am not getting enough. The thought of the vitamins make me want to hurl. And I lost some weight. My problem is stress related. Any other reasons would be appreciated though!


Hillary - April 10

I am just over 19 weeks and am finding that I don't feel hungry at meal times like I did before pregnancy-- no more growling and rumbling. Additionally, I almost never can finish a whole meal, part way through I lose interest and feel full. I usually take a few minutes and then try a few more bites. Interestingly, I am now thirstier and able to consume a lot more liquids than pre-pregnancy and I suddenly love big gla__ses of milk, especially chocolate (I use ovaltine, figuring at least it is more nutritious than hersheys). Glad to hear others are experiencing this. Maybe it will help contril weight gain?


sandra - May 6

i'm 10 weeks, and can't eat big meals anymore, in fact i eat probably less that what i used to, will my baby be ok?


Hopeful - May 11

I am 5 wks and like mickeymoo am not experiencing mornign sickness yet, but am starting to lose appet_te. This is my 2nd and from what i recall your stomach has to move to make room for your growing uterus. The hormones that are being released right now also effect your appet_te. Don't worry about it, at around 5 months you will want to eat everything in site. As for prenatal - Citrical are the best, but take them at night.



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