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Amber - July 15

When should you expect Morning sickness? How far along should you be?


shanika - July 17

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and i have nausa all day and im really sick at night throwing up. Using mylanta and sipping soda seems to help but icebreaker candy has been the most help to me yet its sugar free and minty it helps the best.


Kaylyn - July 20

My doctor recommended using a combination of B6 and Doxylamine (Unisom). I took 15 mg of each 3 times a day and it WORKED!! I'm on my second baby and the sickness was much worse this time, couldn't hold down anything, vomited like mad. I guess they sell this in Canada as an anti morning sickness drug specifically for preg women. Try it, I swear it worked like a charm, even the first time I took it.


Drew - August 8 g/f is pregnant i was just wandering what is the earliest she can expeience morning sickness...although she is expiencing it now


mary` - August 15

we didnt hav s_x we he put his fingers in me but we are not sure if he has seamen on them if he did could i get pregnant?


honey - August 16

my question is: Is two days two early to feel mornung sickness?


Gen - August 24

Yesterday was the 1st day of my 12th week, and I started vomiting, I'v had nausea from 6 weeks, but never vomiting, I can't hold down anything, not even water, so obviously i'm too scared to try crackers etc. any other ideas? Oh, dairy is not a good idea for me either, my stomach just rejects it.


Lindsay - August 24

Gen- I know how you feel. I felt just nausea at first and then starting throwing up all the time. I know it's hard but you should try crackers, plain toast and vernors. you need to make sure you get something on your stomach for the benefit of you and the baby. I got sick a lot and it's no fun, but the good news is, it does get better. I'm 39 weeks now and the first trimester was the worst for me. the rest went pretty well and I'm sure the same will ring true for you! good luck!


ggg - August 30

i feel like i gotta vomit but never do


Amanda - August 31

water with lemon (lots) has helped me.


julie maybery - September 3

can it be possible to start feeling nausia 5 to 7 days after conceiving regards julie


Morgan - September 6

Experiment with different foods to find what eases your nausea. I found that I felt the worst when I didn't eat at least every 2 hours. What worked for me was bagels, potato chips, and Spaghettios & Franks. After the first 3 months I actually got worse, and then started eating ginger chews when I felt that urge to vomit (if you have a Cost Plus World Market where you live, they sell them there). It would take the edge off and I could avoid vomiting. I finally started feeling better at about 5 and 1/2 months, but still have to eat as soon as I get up or I feel sick (38 weeks now). Good luck!


Lori - September 23

does it sound possible to actually have m/s worsen at 12 weeks??


Jessica - October 3

I am 15 weeks now and the last week or two have been great...thought the naseau was gone...until today...I feel horrible again! I thought by this time it was over! When is it going to stop??


dwc - October 14

Lisa, sorry you are having this problem, I can't believe a doc will not see you if you are having symptoms like that. I had severe morning sickness with vomiting the first 4 months, I am now 5 1/2 and feel lots better. Water even made me sick and I still have to wait till the pm to drink water. I ended up in the hospital 4 times for dehydration and was on 2 different forms of meds, I can not suggest anything because nothing, I mean nothing helped me. So be care about dehydration, my organs were wanting to shut down on me some. But I found jello, bland foods, gatorade and crackers were the easiest for me. Even if I got sick it wasn't too bad when I did vomit with those types of foods. I am still feeling naucious at least once a day now still, but am not having all of the vomitting just once in a while. Just keep your head up, also watch for depression, but I got severly depressed the 1st trimester because I couldn't eat, drink or move off the couch, talk to your doc about that also if it happens. Wishing everyone luck!


Tumby - October 25

Hi Julie Maybery, I am 6 dpo and feel nausious. Were you pg? I see that you posted Sept. 6 and your were 5-7 days past ovulation. Let me know thanks.



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