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Tumby - October 25

Hi Julie Maybery, I am 6 dpo and feel nausious. Were you pg? I see that you posted Sept. 6 and your were 5-7 days past ovulation. Let me know thanks.


lisa - November 7

can you get morning sickness the day after you concieve


laura - December 12

this is my third pregnancy and i suffer with bad morning sickness 24 7 for the first three months is there any herbal medicine i could try as i have tried all sorts with the the other two from ginger to anti sickness wrist bands please help


Joanne - December 12

I was sick up until about 16 weeks of pregnancy. The thing that helped me the most was 7up and sucking on lemons. I don't know why the lemons worked....but they did!:) Morning (all day) sickness is the worst!!!!


kate - December 13

im 27 week, and been sick for day 8. so sick that they put me on a picline, if u think ur so sick u should talk to ur dr. about getting one (its like and IV) it helped me ive lost 27 pounds, but they think im going to start to gain now. the med that i take are zofran liquid and fluids. good luck and hope it dont get this bad


Mizuki - December 17

I am about 8 wks, and I started having morning sickness about 1 wk ago.... well, today, all of the sudden, I don't have any more nausea!! Could this be possible? I mean, I could not get out of bed yesterday morning, and this AM, I am fine!! Since I miscarried back in Sept, I am so nervous about little changes. This does not necessarily means I lost my baby, does it? If anyone has had m/s off and on during first trimester, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! Thanks.


shannon77 - December 29

I didn't have any real morning sickness until one day at about 7and 1/2 wks i was horribly ill! I went to the Dr. like I had the flu! Then once I became better from that I was not sick at all until just about 2 days ago at 9 1/2 weeks I felt the same way only worse. I was sick like 8 times in one day! And now I am fine again. It just is taking alot out of me to do it all in one day. Has anyone experienced this and is it normal or is it the flu?


Niki - January 5

I am sooo sick - I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and have been nauseated since around 6 weeks. NOTHING works although some days are better than others. I feel like c___p and it's making it hard to work when I feel so terrible. ANY suggestions???


Anissa - January 9

I am 12 weeks 2 days today, and I still have morning sickness. Mine began at week 8 and has continued since then. It was so bad that my doctor prescribed me some phenegran....since it makes me so sleepy, I usually take 1/2 a pill in the morning and the other half mid morning instead of the whole thing at one time. It is suppose to help you keep food down and keep you from feeling nausea...BUT, it doesn't always work for me.....for example, last week, I was sick throwing up Monday morning before work, and Friday morning before work, but the rest of the week I was fine. Then over the weekend, I was absolutely miserable....I threw up 3 times Saturday, to the point I was throwing up bile, and one time on Friday while I was in the middle of eating something. I don't know what's worse, vomiting on an empty stomach or full....its DISGUSTING!!! I guess during the week I'm on a routine and the weekends, I sleep in, and sometimes that means skipping I'm going to start getting up regular time on Sat. and Sun. and do my regular routine...I have found that very little satisfies me. Chocolate milk has been a life saver! I drink it all the time.....I also drink Gatorade in moderation....these are the only two liquids I can keep down.....occasionally I'll sip on some water, but it usually makes me throw up. As far as food.....anything with bread has worked well. I really crave spaghetti right now, but the acid in the sauce KILLS my stomach and leaves me with severe indigestion and nausea....I usually don't eat meals, I just munch....jello, popsicles, toast, cheeze nips, salt-vinegar chips (in moderation), apple sauce, grapes, sliced apples (in moderation as well because of the acid), and sandwiches or subs. Thats about it! So, if you have any other suggestions for me, please enlighten me!!!!! Thanks, and it is nice to know I'm not the only one hanging over the toilet every day!!!


Krystle - January 15

I am about 7 1/2 weeks and am just now starting to feel some relief. I started getting all day sickness at about 3wks and everyone thought my conception date was wrong but its not I am just expecting twins. My sickness is off and on all day and am in the middle of transferring to a different job that is less stressful and alot less lifting. If their is any way to stay at home for like a week when your really sick I would recommend that or at least to not be driving too much that can make you more sick. I have done every thing just like everyone else and there just isn't much to do. Just try to stay optomistic. Remember the light at the end of the tunnel.


Chandra - January 25

well im 14 weeks pregnant and havent gotten any morning sickness! well in the morning sometimes i get alittle bit sick and need water! thats it! but not really any morning sickness at all! i threw up about 3 times this whole pregnancy! but that was during the day! this is my first child! people say that it may result into a miscarriage or a boy! but i dont know! can you help me on this! my mom had alot of morning sickness and had a boy and my friend had alittle bit to non and had a girl! what does this mean if im 14 weeks without having any morning sickness!


AshleyB - January 25

Hey Chandra, It means your lucky! Don't read too much into it. Everyone is different. Do you still have other symptoms? Like sore bbs and peeing alot? If you do then your definatly just a lucky one.


sheena - January 29

You can take over the counter EMETROL


Corrine321 - February 7

I'm about 21 weeks along...It Helps me if i eat good in the morning and drink plenty of water!


Amanda - March 15

I am going on 8 wks and I have been so sick that I can't seem to keep anything down. I have to waite 3 more weeks to see my doctor. I went to Wal-Mart and bought "Sea-Bands" the pharmacy said women use them for morning sickness. At first they started to work great, but eventually they wore off. That could be an option to check into. I wish I could get rid of this morning sickness...I feel like I have the flu.


joesi - April 4

can u become pregnant while b___stfeeding and still using a condom



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