Mucous Plug

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krystin - January 20

could you be pregnant if your pee is slimy and be on your period.


Jackie - January 25

I am 35 weeks and on bedrest due to pre term labor. I seemed to have lost my MP this morning after reading these posts it seems that labor could be either very soon or even weeks away! My best advise to anyone reading this is to just relax and let nature takes it's course. The anxiety of when this baby is coming is making me lose sleep!!!


kelly - February 1

i just lost mine, i wasnt sure if it was my mucus plug , but it was gooey and just a small tint of yellowish


KMM - February 2

I've started losing mine - some yesterday morning when i went to pee after i got up, and another chunk this morning. Both white, but quite thick. I have red that if it is blood tinged then labor is likely to begin within a day or two, but if no pink or red staining then it could still be a week or two before labor. I'm 38.5 weeks, and this is bubs #2, didn't notice this with my first, must have come out in much smaller fragments with him.


Heather - February 3

I didnt have any sign of losing my mucus plug in my first two. I just lost it and thought it was more discharge. I just lost mine for this one and it was a yellowish color and thicker. More like gel. But I have never had a "bloody" show.


fl - February 8

I think I might be pregnant , but I don't know. I had s_x on my Ovulation day. but that was just 1/131/06. but there was whiteish, yallowish stuff that came out of me today 2/8/06


Alexia - February 8

I think that I may have lost my mucous plug, but there was no "bloody show". Mine was just a clear gelatin like glob. Was this my mucous plug or something else.... Please help?


Wendy - February 14

I think I just lost part of my mucous plug just an hour ago. I went to the washroom and there was a glob of mucousy (something you would cough up) with a smidge of brown in it on my undergarment. I am only to a__sume this is it. I am 40 weeks and 4 days as of today. At last weeks dr. apptmt they told me I was having contractions but not dilated. Does this mean I am not to far away from delivery? Anyone's feedback would be great!


jj - February 14

losing ur plug doesnt mean u will go into labour it can be weeks b4 anything happens but saying that i lost mu mucus plug at 27 weeks and went to er and i was 3cm dilated they at to stop it my mucus plug was slight pinkish


tasha - February 19

Will your mucus plug grow back after lossing it ?


Amy - February 20

Hello. I am 30 weeks pg and will be 31 weeks this thursday. I woke up this morning, about 3 am, with some really bad pains all over. I got up to go and use the bathroom and when I wiped, there was a clear stringy glob there. The pains went away after a lil while, but everytime i have gone to the bathroom and wiped, there is a lil bit of discharge. I have been down with a really bad cold for the past couple days now, with a slight fever off and on. Could this be something i need to call my doctor about? I am clueless at what to do or think. Any help would be wonderful, thanks.


kim - February 23

I would call my doctor and let them know that you want to be seen. Explain to them what is going on, along with the fever. REMEMBER, you would rather be safe than sorry.


casey - February 26

i have a light to medium reddish period with a lot of mucusy discharge


Amy - February 26

Hello. I found out that I am 32 weeks instead of 31 weeks lol. I went in to see my doc on tuesday and he informed me that I did infact lose my plug. He said baby was really low and pushing down, but baby and mommy are doin good. No waters broken and to try and relieve some pain , try laying down on left side for a lil while. everything here is fine and i have finally started doin katelyns room to help keep my mind off having her too early and if I will infact know in time that i am in real labor so lol. It is actually helping. hubby put her bed together last night and i went through everything we have for her, clothes, decorations, furniture.......the whole works. I am trying to keep something to do each day. I am also cut on work a lil. I am working 2-3 days a week instead of 5 days, 40+ hours lol. that was ok when i first started out but now, i can not handle the 40+ hours a weeks in 5 days. lol. tryin to take it easy and not over due anything plus, it will give me extra time to spend with my son, who will be 4 in march. I don't want him thinking with this baby on the way that we will not love him anymore or that we are tryin to replace him. I want him to feel just as loved as he has always felt. so, cleaning, preparing for baby and spending time with my lil boy! sounds good to me. lol.


kay - February 26

Im 39weeks and 4 the last 2 weeks iv lost little bits every day like snotty yellowish and yesterday i lost a big blob. no contractions tho i hope my baby will be here soon. this is my first.


Joy - March 2

I believe I lost my mucus plug, but i'm not sure, I'm 38 weeks pregnant, I have an internal exam today and the Doc tole me I am 50% effaced and 1cm dilated!and when i went to the bathroom a little bit ago I noticed a blob of brown it was gross. could this be my mucus plug?



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