Mucous Plug

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Nichole - May 1

I am 37 wks tomorrow, and I lost my mucous plug yesterday. I have been in "false labor" for 6 1/2 weeks now. After I was taken off of Brethine at 35 weeks, and contractions started coming at least every 10 min, I started to loose my mucous plug a little at a time. I thought it was all gone. 3 days ago I was dilated to 2 cm and 60% effaced. My doctor stripped my membranes, and I think that caused me to loose the rest of my mucous plug. Mine was yellowish-green, it honestly looked like snot. I know it's gross, but it is the truth. I am still loosing little bits, but they are very tiny. I hope this helps!


wwjm - May 2

Does anyone know if it's OK to have s_x after loosing the mp or will it cause infection?


anna - May 3

If you have lost your mucous plug, you can still have s_x,it will not cause an infection just hlep things a long. This is just your body getting ready for labor. I'm 40 wks. and this is my 5th baby and I just lost mine today. So hopefully by the end of this week I will have the baby.


LB - May 6

I never had my mucous plug breaking with my first baby. So now with my second coming along is very different. How much discharge and coloration is in the mucous plug when it breaks?? mine was light at first then heavy the next day with more blood, and it's the 2nd day it comes out irregular.


Keista - May 7

I've been losing bits and pieces of my mucous plug for days now, but today it was brown and blood tinged. I'm only 3cm dialated should i call the doctor?


[email protected] - May 10

i didn't loose one with my first child but i am 39 weeks pregnant and i lost mine this morning... it looked like clear discharge with a bit of blood in it.... my friend lost hers and it was really dark brown she said, everyone is different. you kinda feel slimy all of a sudden... usually there is a bit of blood in it


ooo - May 10

what does it mean when you have really heavy discharge and white


rhonda - May 17

my plug is beginning to d/c it is thick and yellow with streeks of red just started about 5 minutes ago ehhh I'm excited


marissa - May 17

Should I expect contractions with the loss of my mucsous plug? Somebody please ans. I am desperate


NS - May 18

With the loss of your mucous plug, it shouldn't be long before the contractions start. However, that could mean 2 days or 2 weeks. Don't panic if they don't come right away!


Tayrn - May 19

I am 37 weeks and just lost mine last night. It was clear for the most part, kind of a yellow tint...looked like a huge ball of snot...eeewww. But I called doc and they said no need to worry, could still be weeks to go.


abc - May 23

Well I am 33 weeks and I have been having tinged brown discharge for over a weak now


Angela - May 24

just lost my mucous plug about an hour ago...I freaked, been having contractions for about two days, figured just from having s_x. Went to hospital, they said it could be up to two weeks before he comes. Good thing, since I am visiting IL and have my daughter with me, and I live in MI, wish me luck :)


Amber - May 25

I am 25 wks and last saturday I was in the tub and this big mucus thing came out and v____a felt a little different after that and since that happened I have a real thick mucus (not like the first in the tub)like discharge. I am not in any pain. Am I showing signs of labor?? Isn't it too early??


krys - May 26

I lost my mucus plug on tuesday an dI have been loosing mucusy stuff since then, is thin normal?


lisay - May 26

This is my first baby but from all the stories that I have heard first hand from moms of 3 or 4, they say that they've had bloody show with their mucous plug. This concerns me because I have been having yellowish green slimy discharge and these moms say it could just be regular discharge from the cervix. I am 36 weeks now and have been having these little discharges for about 2 weeks. Anyone have advice on this? Has this happened to anyone?



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