Muscle Ache Under Ribs And Sex Of Baby

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Danitinker - October 10

hi all, found out i was pregnant a while ago went 2 see midwife she thinks im further than i thought n i do too coz my belly is quite big, but wen is the earliest you can find out the s_x? having a scan in 2 weeks, also past 2 mornings i have woken with a muscle ache under my ribs in the middle as if it has been stretching all night or as if iv dun loadsa exercise ne 1 else had owt lik it????!! its shit not knowin how far you are im all confused lol, also sorry bout al questions but lately alot of my friends are pregnant too, one of them looks too big too soon but wen she lays down it goes quite flat she is about 3months on , anyone think she is pushing it out or is it normal?? all answers appreciated!!!! Dani xxxx


Jami - October 11

Hi Dani, congratulations on being pregnant. I've heard that the earliest you can find out the gender of your baby is around the end of 4 months. but it really all depends on the position of the baby. my sister-in-law wasnt able to see if she was having a boy or a girl through out the whole pregnancy. I'm not really sure about the muscle ache under your ribs.. but it could just be your muscles preparing to make room for your baby. Have you had an ultrasound? if so, shouldn't they be able to tell you how big your baby is and how far you are by that? About your friend looking big when she stands and small when shes laying down. it could just be that when she stands she isn't able to tighten her stomach muscles or suck her stomach in like she may usually do. I am also 3 months pregnant, when i stand up, i feel so fat. not really looking pregnant yet, but my stomach just sticks out and i cant suck it in to make myself look smaller for the life of me. but then again maybe she is sticking it out because she just cant wait untill her baby starts to grow and make her look like shes pregnant? It is an exciting time in a womans life. so if she is, thats just her being proud that she's going to be a mommy I hope i've been able to answer some of your questions. Good luck with your 9 months of pregnancy! :) <3 Jami



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