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Sha'Khi - October 14

My follopian tubes are slightly scared and my boyfriend claims he can't have any children until he has a surgery. Anyway his "story" sounds untrue to me and he doesn't want to use protection. We have had intercourse numerous of times even around my conception period. His "soilders" are mostly clear so do u think he's telling the truth? I may be pregnant now i am suppose to take a pregnancy test on Oct. 18,2005


uhm - October 14

You fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book, despite his claim that he can't get you pregnant, you can still get an STD. Sometimes you need to listen to the tiny voice thats screams "bullsh!t!" when you first hear it. There is a pregnancy test, (don't know who makes it) that claims you can test 5 days before your missed period and get an answer. Maybe you should try it, if waiting is ok with you and $$$ an issue you can always get the walmart brand it's just as good as the others.


My answer - October 15

My SIL's boyfriend gave her a similiar story... he was hit in the s____m with a baseball bat during a fight when he was a teen... he's completely sterile... can't have kids... doctor said so... blah, blah, blah... they have two girls, she's preggo again and he has another child with a different woman that's the same age as my SIL's oldest. Pretty good for a guy who swore up and down that he was sterile!! What kind of surgery is your BF needing anyway? Oh, and one last funny note... when my SIL got pregnant with her first one... her BF praised God for the miracle because he was sterile (the funny part?... he already had another girl pregnant!)


kendall - October 16

when i found out i was pg i took first response and found out right away i bought a 2 pack just in case but i only needed one i think that you should try as soon as you think you have missed your period i think thats the one that "uhm" was talking about



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