My HCG Levels

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Stephanie - September 9

Hi. My hcg on 6/28 was 25207, I took another one on 7/26 and it was 167843. I am about 9 weeks pregnant. Is this a normal number for this many weeks??? Please help... I am so nervous!!!


jessica - August 31

how did you get your hcg level (# wise)? i've never heard of that!


ica658 - September 3

i have also gotten my hcg level in numbers... it is normal for the doctor to tell you in number form...stephanie, as for your question, I would ask your doctor. your hcg levels should double every two days, but you have to remember there is about a 20percent error rate in either direction. From the math I did, which may not be right, I believe you are fine. I would still call your doctor, though


sharan - September 9

i have a positive pregnancy and they were thinking it was tubal, im 8 weeks and they been doing t-vag and ultrasound but they cant find a baby i have fibroids on the uterus and they cant even see my ovaries, and the baby nowhere but my hcg levels are getting higher?


Cinnamon - September 9

Hi, I am 7 weeks pregnant and i was told my HCG levels were very low (1074) anyone had the same problem please let me know! [email protected]


Vicki - September 22

I have had 2 ectopic pregnancies, I am now pregnant again, my level is 374 is this normal for 4 weeks?


Sabrina - September 24

Here's the 411 on HCG levels. 1. The blood test results give your the exact HCG levels, so ask you doctor for the blood test levels if you want those results. 2. HCG levels double every 3 days, so by 2 weeks in they have gone from 10 (day 1) to 20 (day 4), 40 (day 7), 80 (day 10), 160 (day 13), 320 (day 16), 640 (day 19) etc. It peaks and then begins to drop off around 12 weeks, when the placenta is then able to produce the enough hormones on its own to maintain the pregnancy. If the HCG is not doubling like this, it can be a sign of ectopic or that you eon't be able to maintain the pregnancy. That being said, many pregnancies keep going with low levels, so don't give up.


Here is the chart for HcG levels... - October 8


kristina - October 28

i have been old that your hcg level may not be hiht enought to determin pregnancy, i have had hpt and blood work when i was five days late all neg. i am 1 week and 3 days late and still ned hpt. has this happend to anyone? can i still be pregnant?


Erin - November 6

There are wide ranges for normal hcg levels. Check out the website posted by the previous poster. Also, is a good website that gives data submitted by women with "successful pregnancies" (pgs where the hb was heard and was strong). If you haven't had your hcg level tested, that's normal. Most ob's don't order the "quant_tative beta test" unless they are concerned about something.


Lisa: - December 15

My HCG level is 0.569 am I pregnant?


Joan - December 15

My hcg level on 12/13 (day 22) was 300. I took another on 12/15 (day 23) and it was 650. Is this normal?


Eve - January 7

Hi Im just over 5 weeks pregnant - my HCG levels are slightly low - 2300 - anyone know if this is a bad sign ?? I havent had any spotting or anything and aside from feeling tired all the time I dont have any other symptons - is this normal ???


erica - January 22

Recently I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and graves disease. Before treatment began I found out I was pregnant. LMP shows that I am 5 1/2 weeks and an ultrasound yestersay showed 6 weeks. So this was very good news that the dates match up, however on 1/17 my hcg level was 6700 and on 1/21 it was only 7880. I have not talked to my doctor since the u/s was done in the emergency room and it is the weekend. My concern is the hyperthyroidism is causing me to miscarry, although the u/s did show a sac with a yolk sac. It was still too early to see a fetal heart beat. Since my levels are not doubling (I have not spotted or bleed at all), do you think a miscarriage is on it's way?


HE - February 7

i am also having some problems. First quant. test on 2/2 showed 443 miu, test on 2/4 showed 503 miu, and test on 2/7 showed 618 miu, my levels are not doubling every 2-3 days, am I think this baby isnt going to make it. This will make it my 3rd miscairrage.


kb - February 10

according to my doctor, my levels are pretty good for a start. 15 DPO (days past ovulation)-266, 17 DPO-671, and 21 DPO-3800. Since I have infertility issues (2 miscarriages and my husband and I have been trying forever!), my doctor is an endocrinologist-OB/GYN. According to him, anything above 100 is good for 15 DPO and as long as it continues to double appropriately that is also very important. He also said, don't stress about the actual numbers as long as they are dbling appropriately.


Janelle - February 17

I am nearly 9 weeks and my hcg level were 20105 the doctor said thats great sounds like you are doing fine stephanie the levels are rising beautifully. Good luck with bubby



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