Need Maternity Insurance

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nanny03 - February 4

I just found out I was pregnant, and no it wasn't planned so I never applied for the maternity coverage on our insurance. It's sooo expensive. Do anyone know if any insurance companies that can cover us? How do people pay medical expenses?? The doc. visits and everything?! Why pay for something if you don't know how long it will take to have a baby? I really don't know what else to do...except pay out of pocket..and I never know how much it will be in the future. Please..anyone in the same boat?!


Jenn - February 4

Yup, with my first I had "so called" maternity insurance through my work-once I got pregnant I found out that they had a maximum payout of 600.00dollars-which was gone after my FIRST visit. I fought them-reported them to the BBB and had them investigated and they didn't get im trouble-no insurance company would pick me up either bc I was pregnant and I went to the welfare office and they told me that I would have to quit my job to qualify for anything!! So, I had a 250$$ Co pay every time I went and had to pay for the birth-delivery before my 7th month-come to be I was written off work and my insurance was cancelled and that doc refused to deliver after being paid for it-and I never got a dime back from her-she was a b___h!! And there is no one to fight for you when you don't have insurance. I would check to see if there are any public a__sistance programs to help before you start dishing out $$-hopefully you can get some help. There are also clinics at hopitals that do slidding scale fees based on your income-just call your local hospitl human resources office to see if they have any programs that you can apply for. Good luck to you!


Been There - February 6

If you live in the US, you can apply for Medicaid. You may also look for a Catholic hospital/clinic in your area. They believe in life and will help you either find ways of funding your visits or just take care of it themselves through donations they get.


britt - February 15

What is maternity insurance? I have never heard of that. I have regular insurance. Does that mean that my dr.'s appt. are going to get more and more expensive. My co-pay so far is only $20. I am only 7 weeks. When does it start to go up?


nanny03 - February 16

Well, I make too much for medicad, and well, I don't have to look into it anymore at the moment. i had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. But w/ my regular insurance, it's not coverd. maternity insurance is ALOT more. it's unbelievble how much more it is when added to what we have already. I've looked into some things, like maternity card. they help reduce costs of dr.'s visits and the hospital bill. it's not an insuance though.. if you don't know if you are covered, you need to find that out, b/c ultrasounds and dr's visits are not covered if your insurance plan doesn't have it on it. good luck w/ being pregnant..


My answer - February 17

I would also look into a mid-wife if you are having a healthy / low-risk pregnancy. I remember looking into it and finding that the hospital stay, Dr. visits, lab work, etc... was upwards of 20K or so. My mid-wife had a "flat" fee that covered everything from prenatal care, delivery, post natal care up to 12 weeks, etc... the only "extra" thing that I had to pay for was the lab work that she sent out to get done. I was planning on a natural birth anyway, so saving some money in the process seemed the most logical thing to do.



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