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BethyLynn - January 10

I am so fed up..... I'm coming onto 10 days late... I have taken 6 first response tests, and this morning I went to get a urine test at the hospital... NEGATIVE.. so I go see a doctor at the clinic asking for blood tests, THE IDIOT sends me for MORE urine tests... This is so frustrating... I want to know if Im pregnant.. I don't want anything bad to happen because I don't know for sure im not.. why is it so harD?!?!? I don't even want to get blood tests because this is so discouraging.. I KNOW im pregnant... I just started my morning sickness too... and the PROFESSIONAL doctor says to me, No ur not. I am pretty sure I know my body... he doesnt... IT makes me so sad.. What should I do?? He wont even give me a note for an ultrasound to be sure..I want to make sure everything is ok..what if im pregnant but having a miscarriage or something???


anda - January 18

To BethyLynn You would probably have to wait or get a second opinion .I am kind in the same situation .My period was on Dec19th 2007 and on January 11,12and 13th I had light spotting, which I thought is implantation bleeding .I took 10 pregnancy tests and all came negative. I went to the doctor and my blood test was negative too. I know I have low progesterone level but it didn’t affect me getting pregnant before. I am still questioning if I am pregnant or not .The only thing is to wait another week and retest HCG level at home with a pregnancy test. I read all about home pregnancy tests and some of them measure 25 mIU HCG, such as Early Pregnancy. Also I read that Aimstick measure 20. If your hormone levels are low than HCG will probably be low than normal too. Just remember, each woman is different and what applies to other people may or may not apply to you; therefore, medical care is individualized. Urine, blood test or ultrasound can be negative, but you could still be pregnant. A second opinion from a different MD doesn’t hurt.


malcom1400 - January 18

I am yet another in the same situation. What is going on here? Why are there so many of us with negative hpt's and negative blood tests who still think we "feel" prego?


Manda - February 1

Well glad too see that I am not alone in this crazy world of being a women (men couldn't handle this). So I see to be just like every one else I had my last period Dec 28th and my period comes like clock work two days prior to the month before and now I am sitting here a week late 1 neg HPT and 1 neg blood test. Ladies I talked to my doctor who is a woman and she is awesome she was honest and told me YES YES YES there are women that have TOO low of HCG levels to detect EVEN in A BLOOD test she told me to come back in a week or too and that week is up in 4 days... My period is NEVER this late unless i am JUST coming off BC and I have been off of it for 4 months now and with my first pregnancy got pregnant as soon as I got off it so apparently it does not stay in my system. It took me awhile to figure out I was pregnant last time but test came back negative and by the time I finally had my levels kick up I already knew with out some test keep your eyes open and listen to your are the only one who knows your body I had this problem with my first and only pregnancy which I had a miscarriage and I was around 2 and 2 1/2 months along when I miscarried my HCG levels came back that I was only 4 weeks my ultra sound showed the sack that my baby was in and I was further along then the blood test showed I had a very hard time coming back with any HCG levels in my blood... I was only 15 at the time so I didn't know much and thought it was normal well I am now married and well I do believe it has happened again will keep you guys posted on whats going on but I think at this point my mind is made up on whats going on. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the women who put their experiences on here and what their results were helped me understand alot and feel a whole lot better!!!


Blondegirl - February 4

im glad im not the only one going through this but i need so advice! so i had unprotected s_x on New Years Eve, i ended up starting my period that night and i took the day after pill (Plan B) within 12 hours. About two weeks later i got a pregnancy test done at PP and it came back negative. a week later i noticed some spotting but just thought it was my period coming on... a week later i took two HPT and both came back negative. Then another week later i still hadn't had a period so i had a urine and quant_tative blood test done at the doctors.. both negative. I am now 9 days late and if i am PG i would be 5 weeks along. my nipples feel really sensitive and i keep feeling cramps in my lower abdomen. do you think i could be pregnant or is it the day after pill??


618soldierswife - February 6

I would say its probably not likely with the plan B pill but I would go get blood drawn from your dr or the health department if you don't have medical insurance


LuciaCG - February 13

i would consider myself to be in the same position... my last my period was on December 16th and today is Feb. 13th and i havent had my period since!!!!! For the most part i'm always on time or usually a few days late but not this late!!!!! i've had 4 preg. tests and all came back negative. and yesterday had blood withdrawan and called for the results and still negative. WHATS WRONG WITH ME???? Can anyone help me!


auggiebetrue - February 13

I was!!!!!!!! I had 2 negative blood tests, and found out i was 4 weeks 5 days through an ultrasound last thursday, now i seem to have my period, and still negative blood test. i go for another ultrasound tommorow to see if i am still pregnant.


ashmonkey1986 - February 21

idk what to do the er doctor says i'm not by urine test and blood he refussed to do a pelvic exam or ultrasound i have gained alot i have had this happen before and still have my period and then go back 3 wks later snd have to have a dnc my estrogen is low to start with i have had 4 miscarrages that they know of know ever showed up on the test i'm going to school for midwifery and rn so i bought the 500 dollar high doppler better than dr office have they er nurses told me i had to take a test and they were sure that it would come back i didnt even tell them i thought i might be i was having my period when i went so they were mad at me for waiting so long to come in they were shocked when it came back negative hch was very low they heart rates are 177,158,148 you tell me what that can be mine is not over 116 ever help i'm losing my mind again


pixiedust - March 13

Hi everyone. First time on this site, and so grateful to those women who mave posted before me. Like so many women who have posted here, I think I am pregnant, but have been unable to confirm it. I've been on the pill for 6 years, but was taking antibiotics for an infection, and had unprotected s_x just over a week later. A week after ahving s_x, on Feb 15, my 'period' came, but it was MUCH lighter and shorter than usual (three days instead of five), and brownish-pink instead of the normal deep red. Days afterwards, my b___sts started swelling and becomming more sensitive. On Feb 29, I started bleeding a bit, nothing more than what required a pantiliner, but have NEVER in the ten years of having periods bled midcycle like that. More and more pregnancy symptoms started popping up, and now, I've got the whole book of them. As I'm sitting here writing this, my breats are burning and throbbing. I've taken three HPT, two urine tests at the clinic, and a most recently blood test done on March 01...all negative. I just had an ultrasound yesterday, and am waiting to make an appointment with my DR for the results of that. My body is very clearly telling me that i'm pregnant, but the doctors are clearly telling me otherwise. Very confused...


bella4me - March 15

PixieDust - I would love to hear what the ultrasounds tells you. I just started getting my period again after not getting for 13 months from nursing. My periods are not yet normal. I had what I thought was my period on March 7th. But it was super light and only lasted for 48 hours with some cramping. However I never had to wear a pad. I did have s_x a week earlier but I thought I was done ovulating. My doc said when b___stfeeding, you can ovulate at random times. I took a digital pregnancy test on March 11th. It said "Pregnant". I was in total shock and determined to take another test. So in 48 hours, I took like 10 tests. Different brands. I had what I thought was a positive test the next day. But out of 10 tests there was 2 positive. I went to the doc and they took at blood test, which was negative. I have been nauseas but that is about it and could be just nerves. I am thinking that either I had a chemical pregnancy. Or a false positive test (which I thought was impossible), or the blood work is too low to pick it up? I am so confused. I just wanted some resolution since the positive tests are so strange. I guess I just have to wait to see if my period comes. I will give up an update in a few weeks. the bummer is that I so want to share all my paranoia with my hubby, but it would just stress him out. He knows what is up, but thinks there is no way I could be prego. And, my girlfriend is so tired of hearing me talk about this. My SIL thinks I am prego. I just don't want to be anxious anymore. I am a__suming I am not prego, but it makes me feel better that others have had negative blood tests. Has anyone heard of false positives with the digital HPT that say, "prego", "not prego"? Carrie


trwa - March 16

This is so confusing. I was so sure i was pregnant. but when I went to the doctor yesterday and they did a blood test it was neg. I have all the signs and my period is late. That is why I came to this message board to see if the blood test could be wrong. After hearing what everyone has to say, I guess the only thing I can do is wait and see. Probably will go to the doctor and have them do a pelvic or ultrsound.


A.S - March 31

my friend had taking a urine test and blood test and nothing showed so the doctor decided to give her an ultra sound and thats how she found out she was pregnant so maybe see if your doctor will give you an ultra sound hope i help good luck


simsy82 - March 31

Can some one help me? I came of my pill last October as we want to start having children my periods since october have been regular, my cyle is 32 days, my period for March was due 14th march but still nothing, have taken 3 hpt and they are all defo negative also had a blood test on the 26th march and that is negative i am now 17 days late and i dont know what step to take next? any advice please


LuciaCG - April 1

THERE IS STILL HOPE OUT THERE!!!! i had written previously before because i was late on my period and all my test both urine and blood were negative... well to my surprise i took another urine and blood test about 2 weeks ago and BAM!!!!! Positive!!!! i have my first ultrasound tommorrow to see how many weeks i am and when is my exact due date. All i can advice you girls is that to keep the faith!!!! I am thankful everyday to God for blessing my with my little angel..... Good Luck to all!!! :D


trwa - April 2

Well, I did finally start my period. But it was only for 2 days (it usually lasts 7-8 days). I have been throwing up every day for the past 5 days. I took a home preg test a week after I went to the DR and it was negative. But that was able 2 weeks ago. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. If I am not pregnant, I would rather just have a normal period and no symptoms than to go through this wondering. It is sooo nerveracking.



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