No Appetite Is This Normal

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Lisa - March 31

I am nearing 6 weeks pregnant and really do not have an appet_te. I have no nausea, but just NOT hungry. Am making myself eat, fruits etc...but it is such an effort. Will this pass? Should I worry about health of baby??


MichelleB - March 31

I had that same problem around 15wks. My doctor told me that if I couldn't eat much, I should drink 2 of those Boost drinks a day. They're kind of like Ensure drinks and they're next to the vitamins on that eilse in the grocery store. They have a lot of the vitamins and nutrients that you need. Good luck!


Maleficent - April 1

my doc recomended diet shakes too. NOT as a diet but as nutritional supplements. i had no appet_te, still not much of one, and would litterally FORGET to eat something. it's normal but very manageable. talk to your doctor.


takisha - April 7

I also have no appet_te I have to force myself to eat I thought It was just me.


TAKISHA J - April 7

I am 11 weeks I also have no appet_te I thought It was only me. I wonder what causes loss of appet_te?


Heather - April 8

Ughhh, me too. The thought of eating makes me sick. I hear that you will gain your appet_te back by the end of the first tri-mester.


wenling - April 11

I have the same problem too.. I had severe nausea during the 1st tri. but ok during the 2nd. Now in my 3rd, I feel fine but lack the appet_te. then was told that baby was small for age, so i forced myself to eat and eat and eat!! I feel so sick. But it's working. I gained 1.4kg in 2 weeks and baby 600g. I think shakes are good. Just throw some fruits in with low fat milk and slowly sip away. :) good luck!!


jetta - April 12

I'm at 11 weeks and feel the same. I'm just nauseous. Before, I was nauseous but at least craved different foods and could eat. Now I just feel worse. When will it get better?


april - April 14

I am so relieved to hear others are having the same problem. I am 15 weeks and have actually lost 11 lbs. I really try to eat but after a bite or 2 feel so sick.



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