No Morning Sickness

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karen goode - June 21

I just found out I am pregnant. I have no morning sickness and I am nervous. My last two preg. ended in mc. I did not have morning sickness with either one. My HCG level is 171. I think I am 2 weeks pregnant.


livdea - June 22

I never had morning sickness...ever. Doesn't mean you'll have a mc. I'm 37 weeks along now! Good Luck!


Sophia - June 22

Think positive! Morning sickness doesn't have a + or - correlation to mc.


karen goode - June 23

Thank you very much. I am trying very hard to be positive but with my track record it is a ltttle hard.


frankschick2001 - June 23

If you know your hcg, didn't he tell you how far along you are? When was your last period? Don't worry about m/s, it does not start immediately. Mine didn't start until 6 weeks.


karen goode - June 23

Tomorrow I will be starting my 5th week. Right now my HCG is 481.


Tammy276 - June 24

Your HCG has nothing to do w/ whether you will have morning sickness or not. You are prob. around 3 or 4 weeks preg. (The way they figure it out is weird. Normally when you find out you are preggers, around the time of your period, you are around 4 weeks already). don't stress about it though. If you are not having ms, it is not a bad thing! I didn't have any w/ my son, and I had a healthy normal pregnancy. I felt great throughout the whole thing. You are not alone. I have suffered from 2 m/c also and we are ttc again. Keep your head up. As long as your HCG keeps on rising, don't worry about it.


karen goode - June 24

I hear wha you are saying but I feel on pins and needles b/c monday I go for more blood work to see if numbers double. I am happy they did so far but on edge now for the next round.


ksorbin - June 25

Karen...don't worry, be thankful!! I have never had morning sickness and I am on my 4th pregnancy. I have had 2 healthy boys and 1 miscarriage at 18wks. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. I KNOW it is hard. I am going through the same feelings. My miscarriage was in april of this year and I just found out I was pregnant on Tuesday of this past week. I am 4wks and 3days. So I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. Keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us. -Kortnee


karen goode - June 25

Thank you Ksorbin. I am trying really hard but I have been having lower back pain and pain in my right ovarian region. I had both of these during my last two pregnancies. I go tomorrow for more bloodwork. I am praying my HCG levels go up.


ksorbin - June 26

Hey Karen...Low back pain and pelvic/ovarian pains are normal even during the first trimester. Try not too worry. I am having those symptoms too. Talk to you soon. -Kortnee


karen goode - June 27

Hi Ksorbin I went to my RE yesterday. Found out I have a cyst on my right and left ovary which explains the pain I am in. My HCG has doubled to 3000 so I am happy with that. Thanks for your helpl



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