Not Really A Question Just Wanting To Talk

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Amanda - February 23

I'm now in my 26th week of pregnancy, and it's started to get scary. My mom passed away, so I can't go to her and talk, but I do a mother-in-law, and a stepmother-in-law, and lots of friends to talk to, and lots of things to read on the internet and in books, but 26 is so close to 40. And I could have this baby at 38 weeks, which is 12 weeks from now! That's scary. I'm excited though, and anxious because I want to know what this baby will look like. We have so many clothes already, and we did a registry at Target and it was so much fun. I never thought that I would get pregnant, atleast not for a few more years. I'm just overexcited, anxious, scared, nervous, worried, and whatever else there is to feel! Sorry this wasn't a question, I just wanted to talk.


Cutie - February 23

Hi Amanda, Congrats on your pregnancy! And I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom... I dont have a child but would be nervous too. I am trying to concieve. Lets talk on e-mail [email protected] talk to you then. :)


hjs - February 24

Amanda, sorry to hear about your mom. I'm only 6 weeks along and I wasn't really planning on having a baby for a few more years. I feel your anxiety! I'm just hoping I'll accept it better when I'm further along. I've been going through all the same emotions you have so you're not alone at all. It's great you have all those people to talk to too. Congrats and good luck!


ME - February 24

Awh!! Its very much worth the wait!! WHen you see your baby, you are gonna cry tears of JOY!!! It is gonna feel sooo good!!! Everything will be fine!! GOD BLESS YOU!


B - June 29

Hi. I am 21 next week and I wasnt planning on having a baby either, and sometimes still have to pinch myself, but ive gotten used to the fact i guess. Thats so sad about your mom...I hope all is well. But just so you know all the different emotions are completely normal. I am 33 weeks and I still feel overwhelmed and nervous sometimes. Congratulations on your baby though.. Everything will be so different once he/she is here. What are you haveing?



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