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Mel - April 26

Everyone keeps telling me that I'm having a girl because the heartbeat is fast (usually 160) and if it's low it's a boy?! Has anyone found this to be true??? :-P


jena - April 27

i have heard that too, but it also depends on genetics - a friend of mine was told hers had a strong heartbeat so she thought it might be a girl but then she talked to her MIL and found out that all her kids had strong heartbeats... now she knows she is having a boy. So it could be true, but not always :)


Jessy - April 27

I was told I was having a girl on my first one just because I carried it high instead of low...carried high on the second too..both boys...those tales don't mean a thing as far as I'm concerned..just get a sonogram at 5months and calm your curiosity..then you'll know what clothes to buy and be showered with!


Saydie - April 29

from the first i heard the heart beat it was above 160, the lowest it has ever been was 156. And it is a girl, twice they have told me that so, i dont know that it is ture but with my baby girl it is


Jessica - April 29

I am having a boy and when I hear his heart it beats like he is playing drums for def lepard... I heard the same story but the other way around...


me - April 30

jessica what was your baby's heart rate?


;-) - May 1

my mom had 8 kids (4 boys/4 girls)and she said it was true with every single one of them!


nelly - May 4

its true with mine im having a girl and her hb is usually aroud 160


chel - May 5

Both of my girls had heartrates in the 160's. With this one, it was 159 the other day. That sounds like a girl to me. However, I feel different this time and I am carrying different. I really feel in mu gut that it is a boy. I had drunk a caffenated coke ( my little treat every now and then) right before my appointment so maybe that affected it. I have an ultrasound on June 1 and can't wait to find out.


mel - May 10

let us know when you find out chel!


Donna - May 18

My baby's heart rate is 148 and I am having a girl.


Jessica - June 2

I found that when i was pregnant with my son everyone told me that it was a boy because of the heartbeat. It stayed around 140 and when i had ny ultrasound it was a boy!!!!!!!!


Kelly - June 7

Both of my girls heart rates were high (148-160) throughout my pregnancy. I am pregnant with my 3rd and the heart rate so far is 138 so we'll see at my next ultrasound in two weeks if it's a boy or girl. Hoping for a boy!


Jenn - June 13

I heard that boys hearts beat faster. My sons was 162


JennJ - June 14

My OB told me there was no truth to it. She never mentioned if the heartbeat was fast or slow with my son.



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