People Staring

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claire - October 4

Hello im just over 6 months pregnant. My belly is pretty noticable and i hate it. People seem to stare at me alot. I will walk down the street and people stare at my belly, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I still have 3 months to go and my belly is going to get even bigger hence people will stare at me more!! im not an alien!! i dont know how to handle this i feel like i dont even want to leave my house anymore.


cl - October 4

Let them stare! People will be rude no matter what the situation. Wave at them when they are staring and maybe they will realize what they are doing. Don't let a few people ruin your experience of being pregnant! And remember, every woman carries differently and shows differently. Good Luck!


hi - October 5

Hey claire i get the same aswell, people look at me like im abnormal. I try and ignore it but i guess thats easier said than done.


Lisa - October 5

Yeah, don't worry about the staring! When I see a pregnant woman I always look too because I think it's really an amazing thing to carry a baby inside you! They are probably just thinking that it's interesting, even though the staring is annoying to us! I try to think that when I notice people looking at me too. :)


Lacy - October 6

before i was pg, I remember looking at pregnant women with envy and thinking how cute they were! All of them! Im sure people just cant take their eyes off you and youre adorable bump! your probly just one hot mamma!


moe - October 7

Yes I know what you are talking about.!!! I am also over 6 months and I just told a co-worker that everyone that looks at me looks straight at my stomach, but they probably are amazed and don't let it bother you.. I just smile.. But when I see a preg woman I will usaully ask them when they are due and carry on a conversation with them when the timing is right. This is my 3rd preg and we are having a girl and I am due January 10-15th can't wait, it's not too much further away.....Good-Luck ladies


Sarah Mae - October 8

I am 6 months and I was actually walking in the mall one day, this one guy walked pa__sed me, looked at my stomach and said Wow! It looks like you ate a little too much. I was so p__sed, I didn't know what to say.


Rach - November 10

Hey!! I really dont care what people think when they look at me and see my growing tummy. I really love being pregnant and dont feel ashamed. Those people dont matter to us so just smile at them and move on.


K - November 10

I'm just under 6 months. People stare at me all the time too. It can be kind of strange until you get used to it. I just smile at them when I catch them doing it. Sometimes they smile back and sometimes they just look embara__sed that they got caught which I think is kind of funny. Makes me wonder if I was doing that to pregnant women when I was trying to get pregnant. As long as they aren't reaching out and touching my belly I'm fine with it now. I'm proud of it, my husband and I went through a long hard road to get here.


Rachele - November 10

Thats a wonderful way to look at it K. I dont think the people are starring and thinking bad things. They are probably just amazed. So its not like they are making fun of you, or meaning to stare for that matter. Either way Im not letting anyone ruin one of the most special times of my life.



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