Percent Of Babys Born On Due Date

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Tricia - April 9

My son was born 2 days after my due date . My doctor went by the ultrasound date before I don't have normal periods.


kristi - April 15

Well it depends, my daughter was born on her due date, but I happen to know the date that I got pregnant. So if you have a date that you believe was on or about the time you got preg as well as the baby's measurement will allow the doc to give you a more accurate date :)


K - April 19

It's 5%. My 2 midwifes and doctor told me this in additon to my numerous research on-line and in 2 of my pregnancy books.


shenita - May 2

50 percent


Becky - May 3

I was just at the doctor today and it is approximately 5%.


Kathryn - May 11

im sorry but i dont have an answer to your question but i do have a question to ask. if i had s_x and the condom broke but he didnt c_m and i took the morning after pill two hours after that happened just to be safe what is the chance that i could acctually be pregnant? this happened yesterday and i am only a few days away from my expected period. what d you think?


Alison - May 11

I have heard most babies are born in the 2 weeks before or after their due date. We have several friends with babies/children and none were born on their due date all were about 2 weeks after (except one friend who's son was born a week early recently) I guess when you think about it 2 weeks after your due date is 9 months after conception as you count to the due date from the onset of your last period amd don't conceive until approx 2 weeks after that. Kathryn sounds pretty safe to me but you can't be 100% sure. Have you considered going on the pill if you want to avoid pregnancy? Would save worrying about "after pill" which probably isn't a good habit to get into. Would give you peace of mind incase condom breaks again? xxx


kat - May 17

my second daughter was born on her exact due date. I was amazed at the time because i did not think they were ever correct with that. i guess it happens once in a while . my other two children were both five days off from their due dates.


Mari - May 17

Hopefully these percentages are somewhat RIGHT except for the 50% one because my DUE DATE is October 30th, and I'm not too thrilled about that :(


Jessi - May 18

My first son was born on his due date, but it wasn't the one calculated from the last monthly period since I was irregular around the time of conception. It was the calculated due date from the ultrasound, which was Sept. 6. The one from my LMP was August 20 something. This one is due May 31st. I'll go for the two weeks after thing, but I don't think that will happen. I had contractions the first of March, but they didn't progress into anything except bedrest.


Alison - May 19

While having my first prenatal with the midwife the other day she mentioned a figure of 5% of babies born on their actual due date. I counted up mine as 6th January, the midwife counted it as 8th january, then she used her due date wheel thing to calculate it and it said 7th January so who knows!!! It will be a happy new year anyway! xxx


rxdx - June 8

Statistically most of the answers being put forward on here are false. There should be a distribution of births around the due date with the greatest number being born on the due date. Otherwise, the "due date" would not be the due date. The term should refer to the population mean and by definition the greatest fraction of 100 babies born would be on that day. The 2% figure sounds too high and would suggest a large standard deviation--a larger spread than 2 weeks. A more appropriate question to ask might be "what is the standard deviation in the dates on which babies are generally born relative to their due dates?" There is probably a normal distribution of dates with the population mean centered on the peak. But this doesn't sound as simple as 2%. 2% is easy to say and comforting for women to hear.


Penny - August 8

If my due date is on the 20th April 2006 how far along am i


bonnie - August 29

how manys babys were born in august/11/2005 in brownsille



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