Period Is Late

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Breauna - February 21

How am i suppose to know when i ovulate if i come on my period in late february and my ovulation day is in early march is it possible for me to get pregnant on that day?


sharra - February 22

im 5 days late for my period and im scared


jamie - March 2

You know it just seems like a ton of women are having this problem because I am too! My husband and I have tried for a year and it's so emotional. Now my monthly pal is a week late and I've gotten 2 negative results. My period is never this late. I'm trying not to get excited. I don't know what to do! Please help!!!


keely - March 8

well some pregnacy test can not detect that you are pregnat until three or for weeks into your pregnacy so wait for a while and then test again


megdan8582 - March 9

Tracey: I know that this thread is a bit old, but I came across your post, and I'm in the exact situation as you! If you get this, you can email me at, because I would really like to know what your outcome was! Thanks and I hope to hear from you! ~Megan


Tania - March 10

my period is 2 days late when do you think ishould take an pergnancy test


sharika - March 14

what if you dont remeber when your last period was and you think you should be on it by now and been having cramps for a week and havent came on your period.


love - March 14

MY Breast are getting big . And I have not had my period in 2 weeks. But my period has not been last .I have an period every mounth.


jesse - March 17

how do i know iam prenant?


jesse - March 17

i didnt start my pms for like 2 mounths and i just started like a brown color and lighty?


Lisa - March 17

Hello..I was supose to start on the 12th of march.So witch means I am a week late..I have cramps like Im gonna start and I have bloating..And I took a pregnecy test and it came back negitive..Email me back PLEASE!


kim - March 18

i was also due on the 12th and am a week late my tests are neg my doc said do another on wed if no period .i use a fertillity moniter but she said that i could hav ovulated later than it predicded


Shamesha - March 19

My period was also due on the 12th of March. I just got mine today on the 19th pf March. I took two pregnancy test that say I am not pregnant. What should I do? Email Me


kim - March 20

i got my period also on the 19th after been a week late ,why is your periods late sumtimes? it drove me mad not knowing if i was preg or not!


Shamesha - March 21

Sounds like we went through the same thing. I am just really curious because my periods are never irregular. They always come on the day that they are supposed to. I was really hoping that I was pregnant, and even though my period finally came I was still having second thoughts that maybe I stillam. Now I don't know if I should go and see a doctor to take a blood test of if it would be a waste of my money. What do you think Kim?


kim - March 22

i would just wait, instead of thinking about it just think think about trying again this month. ive moved on from my late period and ive started to take vitex to help sort my hormones out cause i think they are unbalanced in sum way, cause i had the injection last year that messed me up.emil me back if u want on and let me know how u get on.



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