Period Is Late

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Jeanna - October 2

I am wondering, do cheaper pregnancy tests work just as well as the expensive ones? What about the pregnancy tests sold in dollar stores???


nyla - October 4

my period is a week late could i be pregnant


Sandra Dee - November 16

I'm glad I'm not alone here. I'm a week late now and took my first HPT last night. It came back negative which makes no sense because I've always been regular. I'm stressed, but that's never been an issue before, so I'm completely confused. I guess I'll just wait another week and see what happens. - November 16

I am having the same problem i am 2 months late and i am still getting a neg test so could i be pregnant . I thought that after and month you should get a positive test well email me if you know what could be wrong


Sam - November 19

I am obese and have had irregular periods for the last couple of years ranging from 27-31 days. Today is 37 since my last menstrual and i have taken 2 hpt and tested negative both times. I have a doctors appt next week so hopefully I can put an end to this stress. Good luck to all of you trying to conceive and God Bless!


colormeconfused - November 22

I'm a week late, and I just took a clearblue easy digital read test and it came back "not pregnant". Should I wait another week and test again what's the longest it took for the hormone to be dectable? Should I trust a hpt? I'm very regular, and now I'm a week late but it came back negative I'm lost!~


Linds - November 22

to misunderstood: It's called 'support.' Some of us need it from time to time. To all those ladies out there trying to get prego: Not all pregnancy tests are equal! The more sensitive the test, the earlier pregnancy can be detected. Pregnancy tests detect a hormone call hCG. Many store bought brands test at 50-100 mIU. (The lower the number, the more sensitive the test). You can get cheap pregnancy tests at They can detect as little as 20 mIU of hCG.


L - November 24

They best time to take the test is when the period is late of course, and use the first morning urine sample. The level of the pregnancy hormone hcG is the highest at that point, so it's best to test that time to get a more accurate result.


paul - November 24

I see all of you saying the same things here....actually i'm in the same shoes. I desire to be pregnant. I too took a test and found it to be negative after a week or so. I guess one thing all of us need is to think positive. Above all trust in God, and let nature take its course. I know its easier said than done, but believe you are going to be pregnant and you are..want and feel it . Don't get discouraged, sooner or later God will provide.


andie - November 29

My period is 6 days late, but I have only been off birth contorl for a month. I have had unprotected s_x once and that was a week after I stopped the birth control. Before I started taking birth control my period was never more than a couple days late. Could there be a chance that I am pregnant?


Christine - November 29

Andie it is possible that you are pregnant, but it is more likely that your cycle is mixed up due to coming off of the pill...If you dont get your period soon, take a test...good luck


nbp - November 29

my husband and i was tring to get pregnate for 2 years, i know people who tried for 5 years, and now we are about to have our baby. you can take the test anytime, however, if you wait a couple of weeks after your missed period, and you take it with your first morning pee, you will get a more exact answer, if you get a negative and still don't start your period in a few days, take another one. stress can cause you to off set your periods, and the more stressed you are about tring or other things, the harder it will be to get pregnate. in fact, we were told that when we stopped tring so hard to get pregnate, we would get pregnate, and that is when it happened. we had alot of things going on in our life that we were stressing over and then we were tring so hard to get pregnate, using fertillity monitors and ovulation test and all sort of things, and when we stopped doing all of that, and stopped having s_x repeatedly, and just went back to doing it when the urge was there, not just doing it when the tests said it was time to try, when we got a few things straight in our lives, that is when it happened for us. we are so happy and i know for those of you who are tring, it may be easy and you may get pregnate right away, but for those of you who it comes a little harder for, keep faith and take your time. it'll happen sooner or later. the most important thing is, don't limit your self to taking one test, take two or three if you are not getting an answer that seems right. i have never had a test lie to me, and i took three or four a month, because my periods were very very irregular, i would have a period one month and it would be normal, then the next month it might last for the whole month, then i might not have a period at all for four months. in fact when i found out i was pregnate, i was two months pregnate, and hadn't had a period for four months.


Kellie - November 30

Ok so i had s_x and i had my period 2 days later..but i am there a chance i could still be pregnant even though i had my period 2 days after having s_x? Am i just paranoid and stressing...i havent taken any tests yet but i am scared because i am still in high school and my parents would kill me....someone help please!


Dolly - December 2

Hello Dolly Well, the stress of wanting a baby and it just not happening, might be a bit too much for you. Hence the reason your period stays away. A tip of advise.. go away if you can, take hubby with... and go to a place where there are enough other activities to distract you completely. You have a much better chance of falling pregnant if you arent thinking about it. Regards


ede - December 6

I have been trying too, but I am 3 weeks late with no period, and I have taken 4 tests that all say negative. I have gotten discouraged, but still no positive result or a period. I need advice, my mate thinks I am pregnant and my mom says I am, but I am not sure. Is there some way that another person close to you can tell if you are pregnant or not?? Someone please get back to me.


Tanya - December 7

Hi Kelly If you had your period 2 days after you had s_x, you dont need to worry. You have pa__sed the date that you ovulated and that little ovum (egg) is out of your system. But stay away from unprotected s_x next time girl, you're playing with fire. ;-) T



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