Pierced Belly

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nicole - April 10

my belly button is pierced and i was wondering when or if I should take it out now that I am pregnant. I figured I should take it out soon (i'm 8 weeks), but my hubbie likes it??? silly men


bump - April 10

bump ( same situation )


aurelia - April 11

so should we take out?? or we can continue to wear it??


L - April 11

I asked my doc & she said I can keep mine as long as it's comfortable, but probably around 24-26 weeks it will get uncomfortable & I'll want to take it out. Check out www.pregnancypiercings.com for alternatives.


kat - April 11

well sense your belly b___ton like goes fully out I would say you HAVE to take your belly ring out. How could you possiably keep it in? that doesnt make any sense...


samantha - April 12

i think you should take it out because it makes sense i have my belly pierced and i am going to take mine out


Lisa - April 17

I am 11 weeks pregnant and i still have my belly ring in it is safe for some women to keep it in through out there whole pregnany but you should take it out when your stomich starts to stretch really bad.


Milissa - April 19

I just took mine out at 30 wks...when my belly b___ton started to pop out a little, it moved the piercing up a bit and it looks like a surface piercing now. The same thing happened with my first baby 10 yrs ago, only I wore a ring in it then and it stuck straight out... it just looked silly, but I put it back in afterward. No big deal.


Marie - April 20

I ve heard that it wil pop out an rip the skin if u r not careful however as everyone else says jus keep it in until u start to feel uncomfortable. Gd luk with ur baby XxX


nelly - April 23

hello! I am about 28 weeks now and i was dead set on not taking my ring out but as my belly grew the tighter the skin got on the ring and started to bleed and its a good thing i took it out when i did because the skin was so tight it was quite hard pulling it out.OUCHIE!!


rachael - May 30

if i were you i would take it out and get it repierced after you have your baby!


S - June 1

I had my belly-b___ton pierced as well & I took mine out when my stomach began to get to tight for the ring, but through my whole pregnancy every day or every other day I would put the ring in just so make the hole not grow over & I did the same thing for the first couple of days after she was born until about the 3rd day she was here & I put it back in .. that way it doesn't grow over & if it is comfortable then you don't even have to take it out


Jessie - June 1

I went to a web site on piercings and found out it can take two years for it to close. I also found pregnancy belly rings. I have also had a friend who left hers in the entire 9 monthes. I'm opting for the pregnancy one myself.



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