Please Help I Am A Weak Man Walking Away From My Girl

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pfletcer04167 - July 8

i have been with my girlfriend for 5 months now, 3 of which she has been pregnant. But i am suspicious cos i used condom, she asked me not to and she will go on pill, 2 weeks later to my shock she is pregnant. Am i just one of those 99/1 unlucky ones. Anyway, i just dont want to be a Dad, been through alot recently and dont think i could cope as not strong. She wont have abortion. Now it seems all we do is argue, she lives with her 9yr old son, and i see her most nights, but now she asked me to stop coming down as much, and said she sees me more as a freind ?!?!? i am gutted and dont know what to do. She said its over, and i cant handle the rejection and not sure if she means it. Not even 100% sure its mine as not known her long enough, but she insist it is, but i have resentment towards her for getting pregnant, she knew from the start i didnt want that. Now shes pushing me away - one side of me thinks great, forget about her and move and pretend it never happened, but another side wants to be with her, eventhough she is totally abusive verbally and pulls me down, She still drinks wine, nearly a bottle a night and shes 3/4 months gone. I dreaded being in this position and just wish i could turn back the clock. Someone please advise. Do i need to be strong and be a man an be supportive, or have i got a right to be dissapointed in her for allowing herself to get pregnent, and can i walk away knowing there is possible my baby out there somewhere. I dont like the idea of paying 18 years maintaince either. I am messed up and need help before i go back on the drink bigtime !


babydreamer2009 - August 4

she shouldn't be drinking....sounds like to me and i hate to say it but...she trapped you...and i wouldn't really blame you for leaving since she is so mean to you but it could be the pregnancy too :) you can leave her and still be there for the child without feeling too guilty and get a test done once the child is born to ease your mind a bit and get her some help for her drinking she is putting that baby at risk


DownbutnotOUT - August 6

Well are you sure that she is even pregnant? It doesnt sound right that she is drinking so much if shes with child, though I do know there are women like that *sigh*. To me it sounds like your not the father she could have cheated, got pregnant, than talked you into not using condoms, and poof her story your the dad is solid. But she could be telling the truth. Your in a tough situation and really its your choice to be there for her or not. Though as soon as that baby is born I would pay to have that DNA test and be absolutly sure. For now all you can do is be skeptical abnout the whole situation as it doesnt sound kosher. As I said when the baby is born and it is yours, DNA test, than make the decision than wether to be there or not. To be a good dad or a dead beat. It would be a shame that your child would grow up thinking bad of there father as the world has too many of those kids already.


DownbutnotOUT - August 6

I know its hard but try not to stress about things that you cannot change or you will drive yourself nuts. Focus on the here and now.



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