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Mommiex20803 - February 19

Hi well im 16 weeks and at around 10 weeks they did an ultrasound (emergency reasons....had a threatened miscarriage) and said that i had a low lying placenta...and my dr. wasnt too worried about it and told me that by the time im 20 weeks it should have moved itself up....but im 16 weeks and it still seems to be very very low...i mean will it eventually move up...or will this not move up and cause problems later in pregnancy?...ive heard stuff like that a low lying placenta can cause the baby to be born early...which i dont first was born a week late and he came out extremely healthy which i want with this what do i do?? should i be concerned or just ignore it and let time take care of it?? please respond thanks! OH and does anyone else have a low lying placenta or know anyone who does...(i feel like im the only one..)


babyonboard16 - February 22

I had one and it corrected itself after 20 weeks, let time decide its the only thing you can do. Good luck.


Mommiex20803 - February 22

Babyonboard16.....just curious i dont feel like i have the baby bump like i should at 17 weeks....could the fact that i have a low lying placenta be the key factor in it?? just curious...and how far along are you now?...or when was your baby born?


squished - February 23

My placenta runs down the side and wraps along the bottom. There is normally only problems when the placents covers your cervix and even if it is at 16w it will most likely move as your uterus grows. Remember that your uterus isn't even up to your belly b___ton yet, there is plenty of time for your uterus to grow and your placenta to move. Good luck :)


kimberly - February 24

I had this with my first baby and everything was normal after the 25th week. It was scary when I first found out and I was nervous like you but it all turned out fine. They are more concerned if it hasn't moved out of the way after the 25th week. Then it is called placenta previa. When the placenta blocks the cervix. It can cause preterm birth and bleeding problems with the mother. Most of the time a C-section is required if it turns out to be placenta previa. Anyway I am sure you will be just fine!


Mommiex20803 - March 6

Hey everybody thanks for posting....i just wanted to say that now im 18 weeks and im wondering about the whole placenta previa....when does doctors diagnose (sp) you with it??....i mean ive heard that if it hasnt moved up pa__sed 20 weeks then i would be diagnosed with placenta that true??? im nervous because ive been reading up on placenta previa and none of that seems good at all soo please let me know im going out of my mind here! thanks!


Nad - March 6

Hi, well I am 21 weeks now. Last week I found out that I have placenta pervia. Yes its a scary thing because I fear my life and the baby's. Its very difficult to know, but the doctor informed me that it has time to move up. It didn't sound to convincing, so I'm getting a second opinion next Tuesday 3/13. I am currently on bed rest until I get more information. I am scared. I know how you feel and what you may be going through. The most I do is pray everyday that my baby boy is okay and fine. He has shown growth. All I can do is have faith in God that he will handle this for me. I know he will. In the mean time, I registered at babies-r-us to keep my mind off of things. It helped. Try reading to the baby. I'm sure he/she will love it. I'm here for you to. Good Luck!!!


Kristin11 - March 15

mommiex20803 I too had low lying placentia with this preganncy it corrected itself arounf 25 weeks. I am now 35 1/2 weeks and going strong, still working fulltime even.


jessica72 - March 16

I also was told I had low-lying placenta which was never touching the cervix, but was close to it. I'm now in week 32, no problems yet and at my 30 wk u/s it had moved itself up, so the doc has told me things look great. 90% of low-lying placentas move up according to some websites I've seen. Hugs


Dylan - March 22

Hello!! I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa at 17 weeks and put on pelvic rest. I had several ultrsounds to see if my plancenta was moving and it wasn't until I was 34 weeks that I got the good news that I no longer had Placenta Previa. It was especially scarey for me because I take daily injections for blood clots. If I would have had a tear the chances of not making it to the hospital in time were high. Good luck!!! Dylan


nic - March 24

I am 17 weeks and found out just 2 days ago I have a low lying placenta. My doc didn't appear too concerned, and said it should eventually move up. I don't really know what to think - I know nothing about placentas and where they should be! Pls update us if you hear any more news about your situation!


daisymom - April 7

I too was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with placenta previa - they say mine will not move out of the way and a c-section is definite. I feel today like something is "low" in there - like a tampon that isn't in right.... anyone else ever feel this? Should I be worried? No bleeding at anytime - I was diagnosed during an ulttrasound....


wrightofway - April 9

Hi Daisy, I have a complete placenta previa as well. Diagnosed by u/s at 18 weeks. Confirmed at 25 weeks by u/s. Having another u/s next week to see its still there... but told its not going to move and c-section is already planned for June 5th. I don't feel the previa at all. So I don't know what you're feeling. Most of my reading says you don't feel the previa. Ask the ob... When are you due? I'm due June 24.


daisymom - April 9

I'm due in late August but will probably have the c-section in early August. I'm glad someone else is in the same boat! People tell me it will move but my doctor says no. Anyway, my friend just told me that I'm simply feeling the pressure and she said she always felt like an arm was going to come out and grab her leg - she said that feeling started at 20 weeks or so - similar to my feeling.


Mommiex20803 - April 14

Hey everybody i just wanted to post on here and tell everybody my good news...i went for my 20 week ultrasound and i found out im having another baby boy and that i no longer have a low lying placenta! hope everybody's pregnancy goes well! and thanks for posting!!



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